Analytical Chemistry
Lecture notes and slides from Analytical Chemistry II course, University of Akron. Developed by James K. Hardy.

Free biology and chemistry educational resources on-line, organized by subject area and by type of resource. Includes links to tutorials and problem sets on various topics, laboratory actitivities, and other sites of educational interest. Developed by Dyann K. Schmidel.

Searchable database of chemical compounds, providing information on melting, boiling and flash point, specific gravity, vapor density, water solubility, RTECS, DOT, and EPA codes. Also provides links to sites with more information on each compound. Search by common or trivial chemical name, molecular weight or formula, or CAS registry number.

Periodic Table providing atomic number and weight, density, transition states, energy levels, electron configurations, relative abundance, etc. From MIT.

Chemistry Software and Information Resources
Chemistry Software Exchange with links to information and software relating to chemistry. Sponsored by the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University.

Ecdin - Environmental Chemicals Data and Information Network
Factual databank of information on chemical products of interest in environmental studies. Searchable by EDCIN number, CAS registry number, chemical name, and molecular formula.

Searchable database of protein sequences and their families leading to bibliographic citations and 3-D color images. From the University of Geneva.

Database providing information (primarily from fact sheets and newsletters) about pesticides. Site created by the University of California-Davis, Oregon State University, Michigan State University and Cornell University.

Gaussian Basis Set Library
Searchable database from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), plus links to EMSL technical reports, news, etc.

Hazardous Chemical Database
Database allowing retrieval of information about hazardous chemicals based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula, and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS and EPA). Maintained by the University of Akron.

Laboratory Survival Manual
Guidelines developed by the University of Virginia's Office of Environmental Health and Safety for safely working with chemicals and other materials in the laboratory.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Searchable database of MSDS from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. See also additional MSDS resources from ILPI.

NIST Chemistry Webbook
The NIST Webbook provides users with searchable access to chemical and physical property data for chemical species. Users may search by formula, partial formula, chemical name, CAS registry number, molecular weight, ionization energy, or proton affinity. Developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Patent Server
Searchable U.S. Patent Database with coverage from 1971. Retrieve bibliographic information about the patent, claims, reference, and abstract information. Beginning with 1987, images of the patent are available on-line.

Periodic Table of the Elements
Easy to use Periodic Table of the Elements. Click on each element in the table for additional information on that element. Produced by the Chemical Science And Technology Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Science Careers
Network of science job listings from Science Magazine.

Structural Classification of Proteins
Descriptions of the structural and evolutionary relationships of all known protein structures. From the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Centre for Protein Engineering.

WebElements and the Periodical Table
Site containing information about the elements in an easily navigated form. Click on a menu to obtain physical, nuclear, electronic, biological, geological, crystallographic, as well as chemical information on an element. Also includes recution potentials, isotope abundances, electronic configurations, and ionization enthalpies data for each element. Produced by Mark Winter, University of Sheffield.

Update 4/26/09