Computer and Information Science

ACM, the First Society in Computing
Association for Computing Machinery's homepage. Concise design, with links to publications, conferences and events, career opportunities, and various other resources.

Cetus Links--Object Orientation
Contains over 5,500 links to web sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists dealing with object orientation. Divided in to sections such as distributed bjects, OOA&D methods and tools, languages (over 20 at present, from Ada to Visual C++), databases, and advanced topics (patterns, libraries, frameworks, reuse, testing, and numerics).

Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Powerful search tool for locating scientific literature in computer science. Updated monthly, with over 700,000 references, primarily citing journals, conference papers, and technical reports. Subject and keyword searches supported.

Computer Science Portal
Large metasite for the computer sciences organized by a variety of sub-topics. From the University at Albany Library (a few sites are UAlbany only).

Computer Vision Home Page
Online publications, conferences and symposia, FAQs, demos, and numerous other resources on this topic. Keyword searching supported.

Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net
Detailed listing of HCI resources, compiled and maintained by Mikael Ericsson.

Java Developer Connection
Sun Microsystems site containing information about the Java programming language. Registration is required to access the JDC, but it is free. Includes a searchable Technical Support section, Online Training, access to the newest Java technology, bug reports, Discussion Forums, and JDC emails.

Homepage for Java, including Java programming tips, news, and other information.

JPython implements the popular Python programming language in the Java environment.

MP3 Essentials -- CNET
This new report from CNET guides readers through some of the basicrequirements for finding and playing music in MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) format. Users will find an annotated list of links to download players, search tools, rippers and encoders, and MP3 jukeboxes. Along the way, the report offers tips and links to related resources. Users interested in using MP3 files but unfamiliar with the format will find this concise report a helpful introduction.
Official site for Perl programming language. Hosted by O'Reilly & Associates.

Programmer's Heaven
Online reference for programmers, featuring more than 9,000 file downloads and links to programming-related pages. Winner of many web awards, this site is maintained by Synchron Data.

 Python Language Homepage
Official Python source code distribution, binaries, documentation, and conference proceedings. Also includes contributed code and contains links to organizations and mailing lists that provide technical support for Python users. Links to various projects that are using Python as well as to a number of mailing lists.

 Real-Time Research Repository
Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems, this site contains links to university real-time research groups, SIGs, symposia archives, courses, journals, research tools, and other resources in this growing field. Maintained by Azer Bestavros.

A handy tool for deciphering computer and technological jargon.

Update 4/26/09