Amiens Cathedral Project
GSAP's Digital Design Lab and Dr. Stephen Murray of Columbia University's Art History Department partnered to produce this site containing photos, texts, drawings, and graphics of the Amiens Cathedral.

ARTFL Project
Full text database consisting of nearly 2000 French texts including medieval to 20th century works. Also includes a Provençal database with 38 texts in their original spellings. ARTFL is a cooperative project of the Institut National de la Langue Francaise and the divisions of Humanities & Social Sciences of the University of Chicago dedicated to the French language.

Bibliotheque nationale de France
Homepage of the Bibliotheque nationale, France's national library, offering access to a virtual tour, catalog searching and special exhibits.

Bibliotheque nationale du Canada
Homepage of the national library of Canada. This site allows you access to the library's catalog, as well as "sources of Canadian information." Of interest is Canadian Quick Reference listing everything from Prime Ministers since 1867 to a chronology of Canadian poetry.

France Hompage
The homepage of France is a searchable site providing links to all aspects of the study of France.

France Diplomatie
Homepage of  the French Ministry of  Foreign Affairs. Offers information on foreign policy, on France's position in Europe, on visiting and studying in France and a diplomatic archives.

French Connection
This site from the Australian National University is a collection of Internet links to places & items of interest with a French theme. Designed for students of French, it allows access to many sites including city and government sites, French language sites, travel sites & guides, and newspapers.

HAPAX: French Resources on the Web
This site from Sweet Briar College provides a number of interesting links, including Liberation, and Le Monde.

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture
This site developed by a professor of History of Art & Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh offers dozens of images of towns, cathedrals & churches all over France.

Homepage of the Louvre providing information on the history of the museum, its collections, exhibits, the texts of its magazine and a virtual tour.

La Ministere de la culture et de la communication
Homepage of the French Ministry of Culture offering links to resources on all aspects of French culture and arts.

Reading women writers and African Literatures
Includes biography and bibliography for women writers of Francophone Africa, designed for readers of French, this site also includes an increasing amount of information in English, including overviews of the literature of individual countries. The site is frequently updated with new material.

Homepage of the French Senate. This site provides access to the Senate Newsletter, full text of Senate deliberations, Senate rules & procedures, and much  more.

WESS WEB - E-texts
This site, prepared by the Association of College & Research Libraries, lists Internet sources for literary texts in the western European languages, including French.

Update 4/26/09