Acronym Finder
Site for finding abbreviations and what they stand for.

Americom Long Distance Area Decoder
Listings of area, city, and country codes. Indexed by city and country.

AT&T 800 Directory
1-800 listings for over 150,000 businesses. Search by business name or category .

Big Book Directory
Directory listing over 16 million businesses. Search by category of business or by business name. Allows limiting by city, zip code, area code, or street name.

Big Yellow-Yellow Pages
Business listings by name and category.

Internet Movie Database
Largest web directory of movies. Movies are searchable by title, name, character, kewords or cast members. Provides a wealth of information about each movie in the database.

Nobel Foundation: Official Website
Site providing information about Nobel Prizes, Nobel laureates, and the Foundation itself. Includes material on past Nobel prize winners.

Searchable database of obituaries from more than 1,000 recent newspapers. Also includes links to newspapers by state.

Pulitzer Prizes
Useful information about the entire history of the Pulitzer Prize award. Divided into four sections, this web site includes a section on the most recent award-winners, an archive, and history and resources sections. Includes information on the Pulitzer board members, plus a timeline of past winners and photographs and news stories on recent winners. Sponsored by the Columbia Journalism Review .

Reverse Phone Directory
Find out who or what has a particular phone number.

Directory listing over 90 million names, addresses, and phone numbers. A terrific site to locate residences and businesses.

Thomas Register
Huge directory of manufacturers of industrial products and services. Registration is free, but required to search the database.

United States Postal Service Zip Codes
Look up zip codes here. Search by city, or identify a city by zip code.

Universal Currency Converter
Currency conversion for most world currencies. Rates provided by the Bank of Montreal's Treasury Group. Also provides prices for silver, gold and platinum in the various currencies.

Who Where?
Searches for people on the internet, looking for either an e-mail address or a phone number and street address.

Update 4/26/09