ACME Mapper 
Provides standard street maps, satellite maps, hybrid street and satellite maps, terrain maps as well as topographic maps

Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Topographical and county boundary maps of the U.S. (doesn't include county names) with links to Yahoo, CityNet and Virtual Tourist resources about each state.

Google Maps
Search by name or zip code. For US locations ability to switch to a satellite view using link on the right. Ability to move the map by holding down the cursor. Best functionality with most current browser versions.

Online maps, directions, yellow pages, etc. Offers maps for countries outside of North America.

Online maps, interactive atlas, and driving directions that can be viewed online or printed.

MLA Language Map of the United States
These maps show the linguistic and cultural composition of the US, with the 33 national language groups organized by state, county or ZIP code. the site also allows comparisons of two language groups or two states. Though the default mode shows languages by county, users can add layers (cities, rivers and lakes, highways, etc.) to create maps specific to their needs. From the Modern Language Association.

National Geographic Map Machine
Country maps with concise descriptions and flags. Also includes weather satellite data, political and physical maps and an interactive Macromedia Shockwave enhanced world map.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Collection of over 1,900 non-copyrighted electronic maps from the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas (Austin). The maps are indexed by geographical region and country and include maps ranging from the early 1800s to current. Includes links to other map-related sites.

USGS Topo Maps
Download topographic maps of the U.S. Includes all USGS 1:100,000 and 1:25,000 scale maps. Use the map locator to find the area of interest.


Update 4/24/09