Newspaper and Periodical Overviews

BBC News
Current news from BBC, with continuously updated RealPlayer broadcasts from BBC Radio Five and daily broadcasts of the BBC Nine O'Clock News.

Index to online journals, providing some free full-text.

Editor and Publisher Online
Links to over 1,500 foreign and domestic newspaper sites on the Web. Keyword accessible. 

Searchable database of freely available online periodical articles, ranging from academic publications to popular online newsletters.

Media Online
Links to foreign and domestic news resources. Browse by region.

New York State Newspaper Project
Directory of library holdings of newspapers in New York State. Users can identify newspapers by county or city and then locate libraries that own the newspapers and see what years they have available.

Newspaper Archives on the Web
Web versions of 62 U.S. newspapers from 29 states and their full-text, online back files. Searching is free for most newspapers, but there is a charge for downloading articles. Includes links to other news sources on the web as well.

Newspapers Online!
Provides access to newspapers within the USA, international publications, college newspapers, and business publications.

Directory of periodicals with links to publishers, document delivery suppliers and the Copyright Clearance Center.  Searching is by title, ISSN, description, or publisher.  Users can also browse by title, subject or publisher.

Update 1/3/06