Reference Tools

Acronym Finder
Site for finding abbreviations and what they stand for.

Altavista Translations
Free translating service from the popular search engine. Translate passages of up to 40 sentences or translate entire web pages.

American Heritage Dictionary
The unabridged American Heritage® Dictionary, Third Edition with over 350,000 entries and meanings.

American Heritage Book of English Usage
Full-text of the 1996 edition of the Book of English Usage, which provides users with a guide to the use of contemporary English, including grammar, style, word choice, pronunciation, etc. Provided by

Bartlett's Quotations
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th edition (1901) with over 9,000 quotations. From
Biographical dictionary with links to related information on the web. Entries originate from the Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, the Cambridge Encyclopedia, the Gale Group, and A&E Television.

Columbia Encyclopedia
The 6th edition of the largest one-volume general enyclopedia available. Published in 2000 with over 50,000 article entries, 40,000 bibliographic citations, and over 80,000 cross-reference entries. Full-text is searchable.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
Access to basic federal goverment documents, including the Bill of Rights, Congressional Bills, Declaration, Federalist Papers, Economic Report of the President, and others.

Current Biography
Current Biography contains more than 15,000 full text biographies and more than 9,400 obituaries from all of the volumes of Current Biography Yearbook, from 1940 to the present. The biographies are searchable by name, profession, title, place of origin, gender, race/ethnicity, titles of works, date of birth, date of death, and keywords.

Gallup Poll Organization
Site includes opinion polls, special reports, trends and social audits provided by the Gallup Organization.

How Stuff Works
Site offering explanations about the operation of a wide range of things: car engines, VCRs, web pages, etc.

Information Please Almanac
Web site for the Information Please Almanac with access to the almanac on-line, plus biographical information, a dictionary and an online encyclopedia.

Internet Movie Database
Largest web directory of movies. Movies are searchable by title, name, character, kewords or cast members. Provides a wealth of information about each movie in the database.

Movie Review Query Engine
Search engine for movie reviews.

New York State Newspaper Project
Directory of library holdings of newspapers in New York State. Users can identify newspapers by county or city and then locate libraries that own the newspapers and see what years they have available.

Nobel Foundation: Official Website
Site providing information about Nobel Prizes, Nobel laureates, and the Foundation itself. Includes material on past Nobel prize winners.

North American Industry Classification System
Replaces the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual with its listing of 358 new industries.

Searchable database of obituaries from more than 1,000 recent newspapers. Also includes links to newspapers by state.

OneLook Dictionaries
Access to over 460 dictionaries, general and specialized, for example, medical, Japanese, art, etc.

Pulitzer Prizes
Useful information about the entire history of the Pulitzer Prize award. Divided into four sections, this web site includes a section on the most recent award-winners, an archive, and history and resources sections. Includes information on the Pulitzer board members, plus a timeline of past winners and photographs and news stories on recent winners. Sponsored by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Roget's II Thesaurus
Full-text of the new Roget's Thesaurus, published in print in 1996. Provided by

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
Published in print in 1998, Simpson's Contemporary Quotations provides over 10,000 quotes from over 4000 sources. Provided by

Universal Currency Converter
Currency conversion for most world currencies. Rates provided by the Bank of Montreal's Treasury Group. Also provides prices for silver, gold and platinum in the various currencies.


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