Bundesregierung Deutschland
A German federal government site giving access to government news, press releases, the federal chancellery and European Union information.

Confoederatio Helvetica
Homepage of the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation with links to all federal government sites and press releases.

Deutsche Bahn
Homepage of the German railway system.  Gives time tables and information on fares, train passes and other German and European travel information.

Deutscher Bundestag
Homepage of the German parliament offering access to information on the Bundestag's organization and members. It also offers a section detailing the legislative process from the initiation of a piece of legislation to its signing into law.

Deutsches Museum
Site of Munich's famous natural science and technical museum. This fully searchable site offers visitor information plus information on exhibits, branch museums and  educational programs.

German-English On-line Dictionaries
A gateway site to German language dictionaries online.

German Libraries
This site offers access to the on-line catalogs of numerous German, Austrian and Swiss university and research libraries.

History of Germany: Primary Documents
This Brigham Young University site offers links to primary documents in German history. The documents span the entire history of Germany from Julius Caesar's "The Germans", c. 51 BCE to the Czech-German Declaration of 1997 and beyond.

19th century German stories
This Virginia Commonwealth University site offers full-text interactive WEB editions of 19th century German stories and poems. Some of the authors represented are Goethe, the Brothers Grimm and Friedrich Schiller. Useful in the teaching of German literature, this site also offers on-line quizzes and a readers' forum.

Projekt Gutenberg - DE
A German language site offering biographies of selected authors and scholars, along with the full-text of over 300 of their classic works. Authors represented range from Aesop to Hans Christian Andersen to Freud.

Republik Osterreich
Homepage of the Republic of Austria. This searchable site offers information on Austrian government, political system, history, science, education, economy and culture.

Spiegel Online
Searchable full-text of the popular German weekly news magazine.

Stern Online
Online full-text access to Stern magazine.

Online full-text access to the popular German newspaper.

WESS WEB - E-texts
Prepared by the Association of College and Research Libraries, this site lists Internet sources of German literary text collections, literary magazines, poetry and prose anthologies and information about German authors.

Update: 4/26/09