Academy of American Poets
Site containing links and information about American poetry, including online "exhibits" of poetry, tip sheets on readings and displays, resource guide listing publishers, literary organizations, distributors, etc., and moderated forums for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and general readers.

African American Women Writers in the 19th Century
A unique collection of diverse literature (essays, fiction, journals, etc). It also provides search tools to allow searches by author, title, and genre.

American Dante Bibliography
Searchable access to the annotated bibliographies of Dante scholarship published annually in Dante Studies (from 1953). Also includes access to an Italian Dante Bibliography for the years 1988-1990.

American Slave Narratives
Transcripts of interviews with former slaves, conducted by WPA writers in the late 1930s. From the  Library of Congress' American Memory site.

American Verse Project
Electronic archive of American poetry prior to 1920. Project of the Humanities Text Initiative, the University of Michigan, and the Univeristy of Michigan Press. Searchable and browseable database.
Repository of the on-line versions of many classic texts, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar and style handbooks, plus anthologies of literature and collections of texts by indiviual poets, dramatists, novelists and essayists. All texts are fully searchable.

British Women Romantic Poets 1789-1832
Scholarly archive of e-text editions of poetry by British and Irish women written (not necessarily published) between 1789 (the onset of the French Revolution) and 1832 (the passage of the Reform Act). Unversity of California at Davis project. Texts are drawn from UC--Davis Library's Kohler Collection of British Poetry, housed in the Department of Special Collections.

Bulfinch's Mythology
Online version of the classic text, fully searchable.  Provides links to external sites on mythology like Perseus and Mythology in Western Art.

Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Online version of the eighteen volume 1907-1921 text, fully searchable. Contains over 303 chapters and 11,000 pages. Provided by

Celebration of Women Writers
Huge list of women writers with links to available web sites, bibliographies, e-texts, etc.

Chawton House Library and Study Centre
Site maintained by the staff at a research library and study centre located in an Elizabethan manor house once owned by Jane Austen's brother,  includes sources for studying women's writing in English from 1600 to 1830.

Collected Works of William Shakespeare
Moby Shakespeare edition of Shakespeare's works, searchable and downloadable.

The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
All twelve volumes of the centenary edition of The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson 1903-1904, edited by Emerson's son, Edward Waldo Emerson.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Chronological/alphabetical listing of the complete texts of Shakespeare's works (from the Moby Shakespeare). Users can click to find definitions of words, locate terms with a searchable concordance, or look at links to other Shakespeare sites. A discussion area allows users to post questions or read answers to previously posted questions.

Concordances of Great Books
Concordances to around 200 books (primarily from the Great Books series).  Includes some strange texts such as the Starr Report and the testimony of Clinton and Lewinsky.

Digitized Library of Southern Literature: Beginnings to 1920
Primary texts including images of book covers, title pages, frontispieces, and illustrations. Part of the Documenting the American South Project, created by the University of North Carolina.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Links to course materials, a searchable bibliography, online articles, book reviews, databases, and images.

ECLAT!: The "Essential" Comparative Literature and Theory Site
Collection of links to literary theory sites and resources on the web. University of Pennsylvania site.

Eighteenth-Century English Novel Research Guide
Guide to literary resources on the eighteenth-century novel, including links to online sources, journals, bibliographies, and criticism.

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures
Archive containing teaching aids including essays, syllabi, bibliographies, and other resources for teaching the multiple literatures of the United States.

Electronic Beowulf
Archive of images and text from the surviving manuscript and ancillary materials.

Electronic Text Center
An online archive of thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts (some of which are publicly available). Hosted by the University of Virginia and including English, German, French, Japanese, and Latin texts.

Emancipation of Women 1860-1920
Archive of biographical information, excerpts from primary resources, and images detailing the women's suffrage movement in Britain. Developed by Spartacus International, a teacher's cooperative that publishes low-cost educational materials.

Emory Women Writers Resource Project
Educational tool offering graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to edit texts. The site offers a collection of completed or edited texts as well as a collection of unedited texts, an introduction to editing, a bibliography of useful resources, and suggestions for assignments.

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Digital repository of resources relating to World War I poetry, including war poems and manuscripts of Wilfred Owen and publications of the War which include the complete run of Hydra, the journal of the patients at the Craglockhart War Hospital, plus other propaganda pamphlets, forces' newspapers, postcards, etc.] The site also offers online seminars intended to be used for online instruction on this topic.

F.Scott Fitzgerald centenary home page
University of South Carolina site containing information on Fitzgerald plus links to other resources. Includes a large bibliography of works by and about Fitzgerald.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Full-text electronic collection of international folktales created by D.L. Ashliman professor of Germanic languages and literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

Geoffrey Chaucer
Site from Harvard University which includes critical articles, translations and glossed versions of sources relevant to Chaucer as well as graphics and general information about the Middle Ages.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
Extensive online lab for grammar and rhetoric exercises, created by Capital Community College in Connecticut. Includes a number of tutorials and interactive quizzes. 

Handbook of Latin American Studies
Bibliography of scholarship on Latin American studies published by the Library of Congress. An annual, the Handbook alternates coverage of the humanities and the social sciences each year. All volumes since 1935 (including future volumes in draft stage) are online and available for searching.

Internet Library of Early Journals
Full-text of the following 18th and 19th century journals, provided by Leeds, Manchester and Oxford: Gentleman's Magazine (1731-1750), The Annual Register (1758-1778), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1757-1777), Notes and Queries (1849-1869), The Builder (1843-1852), and Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1843-1863).

The Labyrinth
A network providing free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies. Hosted at Georgetown University. Site includes links to databases, services, electronic texts, bibliographies, etc. on other servers around the world.

Literary Resources on the Net
Very thorough set of pointers to resources on English and American literature on the Internet, arranged by period and subject. Maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University.

Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
List of articles and materials on literature, politics, sociology, and the arts. Includes some visual material such as photographs and posters from the Spanish Civil War and the Vietnam era. Maintained by Alan Filreis of the University of Pennsylvania.

Making of America Journal Collection
Full-text of 24 19th century American periodicals in digital format. Includes such titles as Scribner's Magazine, Littell's Living Age, Putnam's Monthly and others. Provided by Cornell University. Also included are over 100 digitized, 19th century monographs. See also the Making of America Journal Collection at Michigan for additional sets of journals.

Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Searchable, downloadable ASCII versions of the works of Marx and Engels.

An ongoing project to collect and make available all existing data about all professional Christian women in Europe between 500 and 1500 C.E. Both textual and material sources, primary and secondary, are included although the database is primarily comprised of unpublished archival evidence.

MLA Language Map of the United States
These maps show the linguistic and cultural composition of the US, with the 33 national language groups organized by state, county or ZIP code. the site also allows comparisons of two language groups or two states. Though the default mode shows languages by county, users can add layers (cities, rivers and lakes, highways, etc.) to create maps specific to their needs. From the Modern Language Association.

Films available for free viewing over the internet. Requires RealPlayer. Films available are in the public domain.

Native American Literature Online
Links to novels, essays, poetry, etc. written by Native Americans. Maintained by NativeWeb (Syracuse University).

Online Literary Criticism
Internet Public Library's site with links to web sites on American and British authors and literary works.

Online Medieval and Classical Library
Collection of electronic texts from classical and medieval civilization. Keyword search or browse by title, author, genre, or language.

Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB)
Collection of online references to medieval studies, including textbooks, bibliographies, images, literature, etc.

Open Source Shakespeare: An Experiment in Literary Technology
Thirty-seven plays, 154 sonnets, and 5 longer poems, with texts based on the Complete Moby Shakespeare, which is based on the 1866 Globe Edition.  Search by character, work or genre, display all one character's lines for a particular play, printer friendly versions of all the texts.

Oxford English Dictionary Online
Search the OED Online which contains the complete text of the OED's twenty-volume Second Edition and three-volume Additions Series. It not only provides word and phrase definitions, but also traces the usage of words through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources.

Poetry Society of America
Information for poets, including a calendar of events, membership information, links to poetry resources, poetry awards information, and a link to the Poetry Society of America Journal.

Princeton Dante Project
A multimedia introduction to Dante's work, including the Italian texts, English translations, audio files of the Commedia being read in Italian, illustrations of his works, and a number of links. Free registration required.

Project Bartleby
Columbia University's collection of e-texts.

Project Gutenberg
Large collection of e-texts, searchable by author and title.

Pulitzer Prizes
Useful information about the entire history of the Pulitzer Prize award. Divided into four sections, this web site includes a section on the most recent award-winners, an archive, and history and resources sections. Includes information on the Pulitzer board members, plus a timeline of past winners and photographs and news stories on recent winners. Sponsored by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Large collection of handouts for students and writing instructors on a number of grammatical and rhetorical topics. Includes power point presentations and interactive web tutorials.

Renassaince Dante in Print (1472-1629)
Notre Dame site offering information about and scanned images of nine incunable editions of Dante and a nearly complete series of 16th century imprints.

Representative Poetry On-Line
Small poetry database generated from various print versions of Representative Poetry, published between 1912 and 1967 by Toronto's Department of English.

Romantic Chronology
Reference information, full-text articles, primary materials, etc. covering the period 1660-1851 and including information not only about the Romantic period, but also about the Victorian and Restoration periods.

Romantic Circles
Website providing access to resources on Byron, the Shelleys, Keats and other Romantic writers with information on and links to electronic publications, cnferences, electronic editions of the writers' works, scholarly resources, chronologies, etc. Edited by academics in the field, including Shelley scholar Donald Reiman.

Science fiction and fantasy research database
An online version of Hall's Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index  published by Texas A and M University, includes both scholarly and fan writing amounting to more than 73,000 critical and historical citations on science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Surfing with the Bard
A student friendly site that provides a variety of information about Shakespeare and his plays.

TEAMS Middle English Texts
From The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages, includes collections of works by single authors, and thematic groups of texts like the Middle English Legends of the Female Saints  or The 'Kingis Quair' and other Prison Poems , also includes teaching materials and ideas.

An encyclopedia of toons (a toon a cartoon or cartoon character — "cartoon" referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such "still cartoons" as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc. )

Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture: A Multi-media Archive:
This site provides "easy access to innumerable astounding primary and secondary sources" related to both the study of Harriet Beecher Stowe and her novel, and to United States literary and popular history. Includes "reviews, proslavery opinion, and African American responses" and illustrations from 19 separate editions. An "authoritative, comprehensive site."

Victorian Women Writers Project
Archive of primary resources written by British women of the 19th century. Includes novels, poetry, drama, letters, etc. Maintained by Indiana University.

Voice of the Shuttle  
Large database of web sites relating to the humanities, including lists of sites on literature and literary theory.

Western European Electronic Text Collections
Links to literary texts in Western European lanaguages other than English. Available through the University of Virginia's collection of e-texts.

William Blake Archive
Collection of texts and images by and about William Blake (still in development).

Women Romantic Era Writers
Created by Adriana Craciun (Univ. of Nottingham), this site includes a variety of US, British, Canadian, and European links to texts and Web sites devoted to individual writers and issues. Craciun divides the resources into six sections: Electronic Texts by Women Writers; Annuals, Anthologies and Gift Books; Contemporary Responses to Women Writers; Electronic Text Archives; Cultural and Visual Resources; and Related Web Sites.

Women Writers Online (Hartwick community only)
Online archive of writings by pre-Victorian women. Texts can be read online, searched, downloaded, or printed.

Gateway to Web resources in support of women's studies. A continuing project of the ACRL Women's Studies Section Collection Development Committee, the site is particularly distinctive for its breadth of coverage and its organization into 14 topical pages: General Sites, Archives, Art and Film, Culture (including Literature), Education, Health, History, International, Lesbian Sites, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Science and Technology, and Theology.

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