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  • 'Middle East'; 'Middle East'  '+' (i.e. Economic conditions; Foreign relations; History; Languages; Politics and government; Social conditions; Women).
  • 'Arab Countries'; 'Arabic +'.
  • 'Africa, North'; 'Africa, North +'.
  • 'Islam' and 'Islamic +'.
  • Specific Country in the Middle East (i.e. Egypt; 'Egypt' and '+').

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  • Islam Women
  • Egypt Politics
  • Intifada


[ For North Africa see also same entry at Africana Resources]

- Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East (4 Vols.). REF DS 43 .E53 1996.
- The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World (4 Vols.) REF DS 35 .53 O95 1995.
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   DS 49 M5 2000 -- Select previous years in Stacks, and since 1990 complete in Oversize.
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- Political Dictionary of the Arab World REF DS 37 .S53 1987.
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- Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World, Iran and Turkey
  REF BP .M36 1999
- Historical Dictionary of (Specific Country) (in the regular stacks, check catalog).



- Arab Studies Quarterly (PROQUEST 1992-).
- Israel Studies (Project Muse).
- Middle East Policy (Print 1992-96, PROQUEST 1997-).
- Middle Eastern Studies (PROQUEST 1995).
- The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (PROQUEST Oct/1997-).
- The Journal of Near Eastern Studies (Microfilm 1942-1967).
- The Middle East Journal (Microfilm 1947-64, Print 1965-96, PROQUEST 1988-).
- The Middle East (PROQUEST : 271(1997)- ).
- The Muslim World (PROQUEST 1989-). 



Middle East Metasite Directory
Created by Librarians from the Librarians' Index to the Internet, this directory provides an overview of available metasites relating to the Middle East. 

Columbia University
An excellent metasite from the Middle East Studies section of the Columbia University Library. Numerous sub categories and search options within the site.

Middle East Network Information Center (MENIC)
Detailed metasite from the Middle East Network Information Center located at the University of Texas/Austin. Provides reference resources and various subject categories. Extensive information for specific countries of the Middle East. The web site can be searched.

Arab Net
A commercial web site from ArabNet Technology based in Saudi Arabia. Provides detailed information on specific countries in the region in numerous sub categories. Home page includes current news up-dates for the region. The site can be searched. 


Islamic Studies
Metasite for Islam and the Islamic diaspora from the Department of Religion, University of Georgia. To a lesser extent also on Judaism and Christianity.

An expansive metasite for Judaism. Also includes resources on Israel and the Jewish diaspora.


Arab Social Science Research
Provides information resources on Arab speaking countries for the Social Sciences. Organized by either country, topic, or source. From the Arab Institute for Studies and Communication, an independent, non-profit region wide institution currently active in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.

Middle East Historical and Peace Process Documents
Documents on the Palestine/Israel conflict and peace process. From the 'MidEast Web for Coexistence', a registered non-government organization in Israel.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Web site on the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at the Library of Congress in the early 90's. Provides further information and links on this topic.

Women's Issues in the Middle East
Links to women's issues in the Middle East organized by specific country. Includes links to same coverage for North Africa. The site can be searched.


Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Law
Larger site on legal issues pertaining to the Middle East and Islamic countries. Includes numerous primary documents and on-line secondary resources. The Centre is based at the School for Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.


Arab Business Network
Links to various businesses in the Middle East. Grouped by business type and country of origin.


Languages of Asia
Languages of Asia from Ethnologue, the web site of the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Dallas. Organized by country to find the specific country in the Middle East.

Languages of Africa
Languages of Africa from Ethnologue. Organized by country to find the specific country in North Africa.

Basics of Arabic
Learn the Arabic alphabet and some basic Arabic words and phrases.


Political Resources on the Net
Political information on individual countries of the Middle East and North Africa (click on region and select country). Links to country government sites as well as local political parties, political organizations and media sources.

Middle East and North Africa Information from the State Department
Web site of the US State Department providing news briefs and background information for the region. Links to official US policy statements concerning the Middle East and North Africa. Numerous related links, updated daily.

United States Institute of Peace on the Muslim World
The Muslim World web site of the federal nonpartisan organization "United States Institute of Peace". Provides numerous reports and an extensive list of related links. The site can be searched.


Arts & Humanities from MENIC
Link to the sub directory 'Arts & Humanities' from the Middle East Network Information Center metasite. Provides information ranging from Radio & TV, Literature, Music to Recipes.

Islamic Art & Architecture
Longer articles with some images on architecture, calligraphy, coins and textiles (rugs). 


Encyclopedia of the Orient
Covers the Middle East and North Africa. Alphabetical listing of selected entries with cross references.

Middle East Studies Resources
Selected links to Booksellers, Libraries, University Departments, Research Centers, Institutes and Societies.

Middle East Studies Association of North America
Web site of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), "a private nonprofit, non-political
organization of scholars and other persons interested in the study of the Middle East, North Africa and the Islamic world". A wealth of information and links regarding the academic study of the Middle East. A link is provided to the MESA Bulletin where selected previous articles can be viewed.

Islamic Calender Conversion
Convert any date from the Christian Calender to the date in the Islamic Calender and vice versa.

Maps of Africa and the Middle East
Numerous maps of Africa and the Middle East from the Perry Castaneda Map Collection. Posted at the University of Texas (Austin). Maps are available for different regions and specific countries of North Africa and the Middle East. (Some of these maps are large files and may take some time to download). 

See also above under 'Periodicals'  for a listing of full-text journals available on-line. Additional journals below:

ISIM Newsletter
E-Journal from the International Institute for the Study of Islam (University of Leiden). A triennial scholarly publication on contemporary topics relating to Islam. Begin 1998-. Click on the link titled 'Publications'.

MIT Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies (MIT-EJMES)
Scholarly E-Journal on a broad range of issues pertaining to the modern Middle East. Stated focus is interdisciplinary, though the concentration is in the Social Sciences and Humanities. 

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