Political Science

Abstracts of RAND Documents
Searchable index to the RAND (Research and Development) Institute documents. RAND (nonprofit institution that studies public policy) publishes research reports on topics such as national defense, education and training, health care, criminal and civil justice, labor and population, science and technology, community development, international relations, and regional studies. Most reports are available at no cost.

Africa Online
Directory of links to information about Africa. Includes links to news, business, music, etc. Developed by Prodigy, an Internet provider in Africa.

Ambrose Collection
The Presidential Election 2004 - Politics and Political Opinion. An annotated bibliography.

American Political Science Association
Homepage for the APSA with links to publications, conferences, membership information, and newsletter.

American Presidency Project
A comprehensive resource on the US presidency, the site features among other over 60,000 digitized documents, relevant data and a search feature. From UC Santa Barbara.

American President: An Online Reference Resource

From the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the  University of Virginia, includes "in-depth information reviewed by prominent scholars of each president and administration." Information is organized chronologically (Early Republic  1789 to  1829 to Globalization 1989-). Includes essays about Presidents before, during and after their presidencies, also includes information on First Ladies and cabinet officials and a collection of essays on the president at work which "delves into the function, responsibilities, and organization of the modern presidency and traces the history and evolution of presidential duties."

American Rhetoric
Archives of some 100 US politically significant speeches from the 20th century.

Annotated Constitution
Online version of The Constitution of the United States of America Analysis and Interpretation: Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 29, 1992. Users can browse and keyword search for annotated references to Supreme Court decisions in their constitutional context.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-present
Biographical sketches of members of congress from 1774-present. More recent entries include pictures and many sketches also include bibliographies and listings of research collections relating to the member profiled. Searchable by name, position, and state.

Center for the American Woman and Politics
Database of current and past women office holders and candidates with demographic and political information on officeholders. Includes an examination of trends and movements in politics, a newsletter, fact sheets, and a directory of Women's PACs and Donor Networks.

Color of Money
Non-partisan site attempting to analyze Federal Election Commission data from 1995-96 and form the 1990 US Census to illustrate the relationship between individual political donations of $200 or more by zip code areas and racial composition.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
Access to basic federal government documents, including the Bill of Rights, Congressional Bills, Declaration, Federalist Papers, Economic Report of the President, and others.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
U.S. State department publication reporting human rights practices to the Congress. Based on evidence and data gathered by embassy staff, government officials, military sources, human-right monitors, journalists, and others. Revised annually. Reports from the Clinton Administration (1993-1999).

Election Guide
Daily news service listing results of elections worldwide. Also includes calendar of future elections by date. Supported by the USAID.

Online data source for journalists and political science majors. Includes top stories from the day's AP wire, summaries of recent Supreme Court decisions, and other information on political hot topics.

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Watchdog organization for fairness in mass media coverage of news events. Covers an extensive array of perceived problems, such as corporate ownership,advertiser influence,telecommunications policy, pressure groups, etc.

Frequently updated list of campaign contributors and PACs that includes how much money each has given to which elected officials. Compiled from the Federal Election Commission's records.

Searchable database of Supreme Court decisions since 1937. Browsable by year and by U.S. Report volume number. Searchable by citation, case title, and full text.

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
List of foreign consular offices by country, with names, addresses, and phone numbers included.

Gallup Poll Organization
Site includes opinion polls, special reports, trends and social audits provided by the Gallup Organization.

History & Politics Out Loud
Searchable archive of politically important audio files. Includes the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., speeches from the Washington, D.C. 1963 Civil Rights March, Nixon Watergate tapes and others. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Michigan State University.

History of Televised Presidential Debates
Site created by the Museum of Broadcast Communication to provide information on the televised presidential debates. Includes a complete video of the first televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon (1960), plus video excerpts from the debates spanning 1960-1996. Also included on the site are photos, newspaper headlines, memos, etc. that center around the debates.

IDEA: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
IDEA is an intergovernmental organization with member states across all continents, seeks to support sustainable democracy in both new and long-established democracies. IDEA draws on comparative experience, analyses democracy trends and assistance, and develops policy options, tools and guidelines relating to political participation, especially of those who are under-represented; electoral systems, their management and observation; political parties - law, management and financing; and post-conflict democracy building and dialogue.

John Locke Bibliography
The bibliography is divided in to two sections: Works by Locke and writings about Locke. The second section is furthermore subdivided into 12 subject areas. By John Attig, Penn State.

Justice Information Center
Criminal justice resources, including information on corrections, courts, crime prevention, criminal justice statistics, drugs & crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, victims, etc. Browse by subject category or keyword search the site.

Making of America
Full-text of 24 19th century American periodicals in digital format. Includes such titles as Scribner's Magazine, Littell's Living Age, Putnam's Monthly and others. Provided by Cornell University. Also included are over 100 digitized, 19th century monographs.

Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Searchable, downloadable ASCII versions of the works of Marx and Engels.

National Security Archive
Full-text of declassified documents available through the Freedom of Information Act and assembled by George Washington University's Gelman Library.

Nationalism Project
A gateway site to scholarly information on nationalism on the web.

Nations of the World - Laws and Jurisdictions
A gateway site to the laws and jurisdictions of various nations. Includes full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions, as well as commentaries by legal experts. From the Library of Congress Law Library Collection.

Online Intelligence Project
Site providing coverage of international news and events. Links to other sites by categories (Commerce, News, etc) and by region (Eastern Europe, Africa, etc.).

Political Database of the Americas
Searchable list of primary source documents and political information about Western Hemisphere politics focusing on Latin America. Many links to Spanish-language political sites.

Political Resources on the Net
Links to international political resources by country and region of the world. Includes hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites.

Political Science Research Resources
Comprehensive gateway site to political science resources on the web from the Vanderbilt University Library.

Commission on Presidential Debates: History
Transcripts of presidential debates from 1960 and 1976-current. Also includes brief historical information on debates from 1858, 1948 and 1956.

Project Vote Smart
Nonpartisan site with information on state and federal candidates and elected officials. Includes biographies, campaign finances, issue stands, etc.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Homepage for the SPLC providing access to information about the history and mission of the organization, its current activities, and reports of existing threats to tolerance. Includes Klanwatch which monitors the Ku Klux Klan, militia organizations and other hate groups.

Full text and legislative history of recent bills, public laws, and House and Senate Committee Reports, plus text of the Congressional Record and the Congressional Index.

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide
Overviews of the types of documents and publications issued by the United Nations plus information about where to locate these publications. Offers links to General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council documents, resolutions, decisions, and speeches and provides access to press releases summarizing U.N. activities. Compiled by the U.N.'s Dag Hammarskjold Library.

United States Historical Census Data Browser
Historical census data from 1790-1970 for each state and county.

Week in Europe
Published online each Thursday by the UK Offices of the European Commission, The Week In Europe offers a weekly summary of political, social, and economic developments in the European Union (EU). Indexed by title and topic sentence, the summaries consist of short paragraphs with links to full-text documents, statistics, or other sites with further information.

Women in Politics
Bibliographic database currently indexing hundreds of titles of recent works concerned with women in politics. Provides bibliographic references to books, reports and journal articles on all aspects of women's participation in political life worldwide.

World Bank
Homepage for the World Bank.

World Trade Organization
Homepage for the World Trade Organization with information on trade agreements, statistical data, news, etc.

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics
Annual data on immigration on the US Department of Homeland Security Web site, including statistics on the country of origin, gender, age, marital status and  occupation of foreign nationals, and categories of admission including permanent residence, temporary residence, asylum and refugee status, and naturalized citizenship.  


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