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2004 Presidential Candidates

George W. Bush
John Kerry
Ralph Nader

Political Parties

Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
Reform Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Democratic Socialists of America
Communist Party U.S.A.
Socialist Party U.S.A.
New Party
Natural Law Party
Constitution Party

Interest Groups

The Federalist Society
Conservative and libertarian thought.

The Christian Coalition
An influential conservative group.

National Right to Life Committee
Anti-abortion group.

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
Supports the protection of women's reproductive rights.

Moving Ideas Network
A gateway site from various publications includes information and links from a liberal standpoint (was formerly the Electronic Policy Network).

People for the American Way
"Progressive" lobbying and activism. See in particular information on the Religious Right in politics.

National Committee for an Effective Congress
Political information, voting and finance data from "progressive" viewpoint.

Campaign for America's Future
Advocates what it calls "progressive reform".
An online community site for "progressive" Democrats.

The Interfaith Alliance
Seeks to counter what it calls religious extremist influence in politics.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee
A Pro-Israel lobby group.

The Feminist Majority
The feminist perspective.

National Organization for Women
Supports women's rights and women's equality.

National Rifle Association
Defends the 2nd Amendment, a pro-gun lobby group.

American Civil Liberties Union
Stated goal is to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

The John Birch Society
Conservative perspective.

The Concord Coalition
Aims to eliminate the budget deficit.

Web Active and NetAction
Both sites provide links to a variety of progressive activist causes

The labor perspective

Says its goal is to bring ordinary people back into politics. A liberal viewpoint.

Heritage Foundation
The conservative think tank 

Cato Institute
The libertarian think tank

Council on Foreign Relations
Tracks the candidates on foreign policy issues

Campaign Finance
From The Center for Responsive Politics, the site provides extensive campaign contribution information.

Federal Election Commission
Provides campaign finance information as well as general information on the election process. See also this link for more information on FEC data.

Center for Public Integrity
Studies the impact of money on public policy.

Opinion Polls

Real Clear Politics
Summarizes the latest political poll results from major research centers.

Go to "Reference" and select "Polls and Surveys" to search polls from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (i.e. Keyword 'Presidential Election').

Gallup Poll
Kaiser Family Foundation 
Quinnipiac University Poll (for NY State)
Pew Research Center
Public Agenda
The Tarrance Group's Battleground Polls
Zogby International

Media Watch

Evaluates political statements in the news regarding their accuracy. Regular updates. From the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Campaign Desk
From the Columbia School of Journalism the site analyzes current election press coverage. Included are links to campaign, campaign finance, and political web sites.

Media Matters
Stated goal is "to monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media".

Election Guide

Federal Election Commission
Provides campaign finance information as well as general information on the election process.

New York State Board of Elections
Election guide from the State of New York with information on election procedures, elected officials and their districts. Numerous additional links.
The site lists the major Presidential candidates and their positions on various issues. Wealth of additional election related information. From Capitol Advantage, a private, non-partisan company.

Center for Voting and Democracy
Background information on various election issues.

Project Vote Smart
Includes biographies, lobby group ratings, campaign receipts by Political Action Committee subject groupings.

League Of Women Voters
Information on the election process, voter registration and finding additional resources. See also the site of the League of Women Voters of New York State and from the same site a voting guide for college students (Adobe Acrobat required)


Presidential Election Results
Election results back to the first Presidential election in 1789. Includes voter turnout data and the option to view results by individual state.

Voter and Registration Demographics 
Provided by the Census Bureau


An interactive electoral college map. FlashPlayer required.

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