Biblioteca Nacional
Site of the national library of Spain. It allows searching of the library's on-line catalog and links to Spanish public and academic libraries.

Handbook of Latin American Studies
Bibliography of scholarship on Latin American studies published by the Library of Congress. An annual, the handbook alternates coverage of the humanities and the social sciences each year. All volumes since 1935 (including future volumes in draft stage) are on-line and available for searching.

Literature in Latin America -- LANIC
Produced by the University of Texas, this site offers comprehensive coverage of Latin American literature. Here you will find author information, full-text resources, literary magazines and literary criticism by both region and country.

Mundo Latino
A comprehensive site which serves as a good leaping off point to the Spanish-speaking WEB.

Pagina de la Lengua Espanola
This site provides links to a multitude of sites concerned with the Spanish language, including dictionaries, grammars, full-text literature and discussion groups.

Pagina de Literatura Guatemalteca
A Spanish language site featuring a large collection of full-text writings from Guatemala from the 18th century to the present.

This Spanish language site, produced by Spain's Ministry of Education and Culture, offers full-text and facsimile literature and theater.

El Pais
Searchable full-text of one of Spain's most popular newspapers.

Si, Spain
A wonderfully comprehensive resource from the Spanish embassy in Ottawa, Canada covering all aspects of Spain's current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development.

Spanish Golden Age Sonnets
This Sweet Briar College site offers 100 translated Golden Age sonnets (presented bilingually).

Spain Factbook
Produced by the CIA, this factbook provides current statistical, geographical, political and economic information on Spain.

Spanish Resources
Produced by the University of Sussex Language Center, this site offers links to numerous sites dealing with Spanish current events and culture. Many media links offered here are full-text.

WESS WEB -- Iberian Language and Literature WEB
Prepared by the Association of College and Research Libraries, this site provides access to scholarly resources in Iberian language and literature. Many e-texts are provided.

Update 4/26/09