Theater and Dance

American ballroom companion: dance instruction manuals, ca.1490-1920
Over 200 ballroom dancing documents, including manuals on dance techniques and etiquette plus anti-dance treatises and other historical documents relating to dance. Part of the Library of Congress American Memory Collection.

American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment 1870-1920
Multimedia collection relating to vaudeville. Included are 334 English- and Yiddish-language playscripts, 146 theater playbills and programs, 61 motion pictures, 10 sound recordings and 143 photographs and 29 memorabilia items documenting the life and career of Harry Houdini. Part of the American Memory Collection from the Library of Congress.

Artslynx International Dance Resources
Large site offering links to a vast array of online dance information. Designed and maintained by Richard Finkelstein, head of stage design and technology at the University of Colorado.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Chronological/alphabetical listing of the complete texts of Shakespeare's works (from the Moby Shakespeare). Users can click to find definitions of words, locate terms with a searchable concordance, or look at links to other Shakespeare sites. A discussion area allows users to post questions or read answers to previously posted questions.

The Costumer's Manifesto
A comprehensive site that has been available for ten years, includes information on accessories, fashion theory, makeup and masks. Also includes the extensive materials on the history of fashion, illustrations, diagrams, fashion plates and magazine illustrations, and many links to other sites and sources.

Guide to current theater in New York City, Washington D.C., and, to a lesser extent, London. Site includes extensive theater reviews, book reviews, interviews, and three quotation sections plus Broadway, Off-Broadway, and D.C. annotated address books, which list dates and locations of performances and offer links to CurtainUp reviews. Additional features include master indices of all reviews and playwrights.

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Publisher of plays since 1936 and one of the primary theatrical licensing agencies. Includes information on new plays, plus a directory of plays that can be ordered. Users can find plays by author/title, cast size, gender of actors, length, keyword, or ISBN. Has other useful links as well, such as links to full-text monologues and plays, upcoming major regional productions, etc.

History of Costume
Collection of color images of costumes from the Braun and Schneider handbook of historical costume published from 1861-1880.

On-line index to plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals.

McCoy's Guide to Theatre and Performance Studies
Brief guide to Internet resources in theater and performance studies developed by Ken McCoy of Stetson University.

Online Ballet Dictionary
American Ballet Theatre's Online Ballet Dictionary. Includes 170 terms drawn from the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Definitions are accompanied by Quicktime movies of dancers demonstrating steps.

The Playwriting Seminars
Guide to playwriting including pages on screenwriting software, quotes from contemporary playwrites, and "conventions of the well-made play".

Theatre Central
Links to many differenct theater resources, including a directory of Theatre Professionals on the Internet (email addresses, bios, etc.), production listings, etc.

An encyclopedia of toons (a toon a cartoon or cartoon character — "cartoon" referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such "still cartoons" as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc. )

Surfing with the Bard
A student friendly site that provides a variety of information about Shakespeare and his plays.

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