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Judge William Cooper Papers

William Cooper (1754-1809) the founder of Cooperstown, New York and the father of James Fenimore Cooper, was the first judge of Otsego County and the main political arbiter of upstate New York in the 1790’s. He was twice elected to Congress on the Federalist ticket. As a major land developer for the region he not only bought and sold property for himself, but was a land agent for numerous other large patents.This collection, containing over 5,000 documents, includes William Cooper’s business papers (patents, indentures, deeds, accounts, waste books, etc.), 1712-1809; his correspondence, 1704-1809; over 170 maps and land surveys, c. 1755-1816; business and estate papers of William Cooper’s heirs, 1809-1891; and the business papers and correspondence of his sons, Isaac, William, and Richard, 1801-1869.

Hartwick Seminary Records

This collection includes the papers of or relating to Rev. John Christopher Hartwick and the establishment of the Hartwick Seminary. The documents reflect the life of Hartwick, his work with the Lutheran Synod, his land dealings, the problems of executing his will and establishing the Seminary, the relationship of the Lutheran Synod with the Seminary, the academic and social life of the Seminary and its eventual division into Hartwick Academy, Hartwick Seminary-New York City, and Hartwick College. The Hartwick College Student Newspaper, 1929-1996

Hilltops, 1929-1994

The Hartwick College Student Newspaper, 1929-1996

Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives on New York Heritage

A sampling of larger collections in the archives are accessible on New York Heritage.

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