• A Hartwick student using a microscope for research.
  • A Hartwick professor discussing Botany with a student.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.

2005-06 Freedman Prize Winners

The following students were awarded prizes in the final round of the 2005 Freedman Prize competition based on a 20-minute oral presentation, followed by a 20-minute session of questions from the judging panel. 

  • Stephanie Carr '06 (advisors: Eric Johnson, geology & Paul House, chemistry): "Development and Calibration of an Amphibole-Scapolite Geothermometer" (Carr, $1500; Johnson and House, $500)
  • Stefanie Coforio '06 (advisor: Ron Brzenk, mathematics): "Analysis of Epidermal Nerve Endings: Applying Math to Uncover Patterns and Statistical Significance" (Coforio, $2,500; Brzenk, $500)
  • Ryan Quarles '08 (advisor: Stanley Sessions, biology): "Microdissection and Molecular Evolution of the Y Chromosome in the Salamander, Necturus maculosus" (Quarles, $4,000; Sessions, $1,000
  • Jessica Valluzzi '06 (advisor: KinHo Chan, psychology): "Effects of Fluoxetine on Learning and Cognitive Abilities" (Valluzzi, $1,500; Chan, $500)
  • Lindsay Yorns '06 (advisor: Laura Malloy, biology): "The Role of Histamine H(sub 3) Receptors In Myocardial Function and Infarct Size Following Cardiac Ischemic Preconditioning" (Yorns, $4,000; Malloy, $1,000)

Also winning at the divisional level were the following three students, who won $500 each.

  • Laura Clough '07 (advisor: Karl Seeley, economics): "Small Electrical Grid Simulation of Multiple Renewable Dispersed Generation Resources"
  • Junior Garraway '06 (advisor: Thomas Licata, music): "A Stylistic Solo Piano Recital and Lecture: Beethoven, Bach/Busoni, and Liszt"
  • Jason Stone '07 (advisor: Neil DeVotta, political science): "Degeneration, Devolution, and the Dhammadipa: The Effects of Sinhalese-Buddhist Fundamentalism on the Sri Lankan Peace Process"