Academic & Pre-Professional Advising

Guiding your choices. Growing your options. Going your way.

Teacher, professor, mentor, friend, ally, advocate. These are just some of the ways Hartwick students describe their advisors.

In a campus setting known for its personal warmth and support, our faculty, staff, and advisors play an important role in the academic, co-curricular, and social lives of our students. From the time students are first considering Hartwick through their enrollment, graduation, and beyond, advisors from across the college are invested in helping students achieve success both in and out of the classroom.

If you’re a student who would like assistance with virtually any aspect of your college experience, start with an advisor. They’re prepared to listen, understand, share, and when necessary to refer you to someone who can help in a different way.

From your arrival, you’re assigned to an academic advisor who may be a professor in your major or a member of our professional advising staff. Contact your academic advisor when it’s time to discuss your progress and direction, or when you need an answer or a clarification. Advisors expect students to reach out to them throughout the academic year – not just during course registration time.

At Hartwick, advising starts with the student, engages the whole person, and leads to a graduate prepared to thrive.


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