New Student Read Program

The Hartwick College New Student Read serves as the text for the ‘Wick 101 common course curriculum, administered through the Center for Student Success. The New Student Read and ‘Wick 101 course are central components of the First-Year Experience at Hartwick College, integral to the successful transition of new students into our college community.

Learn about the Fall 2016 New Student Read selection: Wine To Water

Coming Soon! Hear what students have to say about their Wine to Water Spring Break Trip to the Dominican Republic…

Vision/Mission Statement

The Center for Student Success seeks to connect new students through meaningful dialogue by engaging all members of the incoming class in a common reading experience. The New Student Read is designed to promote personal reflection as students acclimate to college, and provides a framework for discussion in the ‘Wick 101 classroom.


  • To inspire conversations that connect students in a thoughtful way with instructors, ‘Wick 101 classmates, and fellow first-year students as they build a sense of community;
  • To encourage students to think broadly about their potential and reflect on their purpose, passion and personal mission;
  • To help students understand their own privilege, the value of the opportunities available to them, the impact that their every-day choices have in a global context, and their responsibilities as global citizens;
  • To provide a framework for discussing the transition to college, including the expectations for critical thinking and engaging in classroom discussion; and
  • To connect students to other campus initiatives, such as the Campus Theme, service-learning and experiential learning opportunities, and academic and co-curricular programming
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