Placement Exams

To help us make sure you are placed in appropriately challenging courses, Hartwick requires new students to complete placement exams.

Writing Placement:

As a new student, you’ll complete the Writing Placement exam during Welcome Weekend Orientation and will be placed in one of four levels. To graduate from Hartwick, you must achieve writing competency at Level 4. Very few students place directly into Level 4 and must complete requirements that will help them achieve that level by the end of their undergraduate career. For more information, visit the Writing Competency Requirement webpage.

Math Placement:

New students in certain majors will be invited in late June to take the Math Placement exam via an online proctored link. Results of the placement are used to ensure each student is enrolled in courses (Mathematics courses as well as other courses in other departments) for which they have sufficient mathematical background. The exam places students at one of five different levels (described below). 

  • Level 1: Students placed at Level 1 are not likely to be successful in a college math course. However, students are allowed to enroll in MATH 108: Statistics after arranging for a personal tutor.
  • Level 2: Students placed at Level 2 may enroll in MATH 108: Statistics.
  • Level 3: Students placed at Level 3 also may enroll in MATH 120: Pre-Calculus and MATH 150: The Heart of Mathematics.
  • Level 4: Students placed at Level 4 also may enroll in MATH 110: Problem Solving through Recreational Mathematics.
  • Level 5: Students placed at Level 5 may enroll in any of the above courses as well as MATH 121: Single Variable Calculus.

Chemistry Placement:

New students in certain majors will be invited to take the Chemistry Placement during Welcome Weekend Orientation. 

Note: Students with documented disabilities who require testing adjustments during placement exams should contact AccessAbility Services to discuss this request at least one week prior to the exam.

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