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Transfer of Credit

Hartwick College accepts registered nurses from associate degree and diploma programs in nursing as candidates for a bachelor of science degree with a major in nursing. The common core of nursing knowledge that exists among diploma and associate degree programs is the foundation upon which the baccalaureate education continues to build. The details:

  • Credit from other accredited colleges is usually given for courses similar to those offered at Hartwick and completed with a grade of C or higher. The maximum number of transferable credits is approximately 80 of the 124 necessary for the bachelor of science with a major in nursing. Courses over the 60 credits taken at another upper-division college for transfer to Hartwick, must be approved by the faculty advisor prior to the course being taken in order for the credits to be accepted. This is done to protect the integrity of the student's program and the Hartwick degree.
  • Sixty credits in the student's total educational experience must be taken at an upper division college/university. Of these, 40 credits must be taken at Hartwick. Advanced standing course credit cannot be applied toward these 40 credits.
  • The Department of Nursing has an articulation agreement with the two-year nursing program at SUNY Delhi and Ellis Hospital School of Nursing. Graduates with a GPA of 2.0 or above may transfer to Hartwick to complete their baccalaureate in nursing.
  • Questions? E-mail us or call us at 607-431-4780.
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