Ronald Pleban

Ronald Pleban Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: 607-431-4163

Recruitment Areas: I travel to and read applications from New York City and Westchester County. I also read applications from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Other Office Responsibilities: I coordinate the Hartwick Overnight Program. 

Originally from: Oneonta, NY  

While in College: I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from SUNY Cortland double majoring in sociology and anthropology. While in college, I was invovled in a little bit of everything! I was a Resident Assistant for a year, a member of the outdoor adventure club, an open mic night host for the Student Activities Board, and a mentor for a local agency to name a few things.  I also completed two internships including a month long program as an archaeological assistant in Spain.  

Favorite Movie(s): Avatar, Divergent, & The Hangover

Favorite Book(s): The Hunger Games trilogy and anything by James Patterson

Favorite Quote: "When standing under a dark tree, look for the light between the branches"

Hobbies: Anything outdoors including hiking and canoeing. I also enjoy anything that allows me to be creative and participating in community service.

Why Work at Hartwick? I have always had a passionate for learning about different cultures. In between high school and college, I lived in India for about 10 months through Rotary International's youth exchange program. While going overseas for nearly a year isn't for everyone, I believe having cultural learning opportunities is important for all college students! Hartwick College's J-Term is an incredible opportunity that was very attractive to me while I was looking into jobs at Hartwick.

In addition, I grew up about a mile away from Hartwick College. I have always loved the campus and what it brings to the community. Transitioning to Hartwick College professionally was very natural!

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