Information Technology Position

The following position is available in Information Technology - The Resource Center. Please contact the Supervisor listed to inquire about position in which you are interested.

Job Title: Student Technology Assistant 
Supervisor:  Suzanne Gaynor
Supervisor's Email Address:
Phone: 607-431-4670
Number of Positions: 2
Employment Period: Fall Term
Hours per week: 8

Duties: Answer phones, assist walk-ins and e-mail (as assigned); answer IT questions; taking in machines for repair; using Helpstar to document work; issuing loaners; checking labs for machine issues, toner and paper; going on  other IT jobs as assigned; moving and delivering cases of paper and other equipment (up to 40 lbs.) with a handcart; signing a confidentiality agreement and agreement for screening through Campus Disciplinary Office/Campus Safety

Requirements: Strong customer service skills; attend all training and meetings, and come back to school early for fall welcome weekend; Work all scheduled shifts unless you give appropriate notice (multiple infractions not tolerated); behave professionally on the job (attire, manner, interactions with others); attend to all work tasks while on duty before any homework or personal tasks; complete Helpstar database entries for all work; abide by all College policies and regulations, failure to do so may result in dismissal; follow departmental procedures for work performed, do not perform work for which you are not authorized.