Political Science Department Positions

The following position is available in the Political Science Department. Please contact the supervisor listed if you are interested.

Job title: Political Science Department Assistant
Supervisor: Laurel Elder
E-mail: elderl@hartwick.edu
Phone: 607-431-4887
Number of positions: 1
Employment period: Academic year
Hours per week: 6

Duties: This position entails assisting political science faculty with teaching, research and service related activities. Although the job will vary depending on the particular needs of the faculty, the position will most likely entail copying/scanning, supporting simulations and other teaching activities, library research, data entry (SPSS and/or Excel), and helping to plan, publicize and support political science events. Additionally, the position requires that the student worker hold semi-regular office hours in Golisano Hall.

Requirements: It is strongly recommended that applicants be a Political Science major with strong communication and research skills. The person needs to be highly dependable and give attention to detail. Finally, the successful candidate will need to be comfortable proactively reaching out to department faculty to identify how they can best be of assistance.