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Costs & Scholarships

Choose one of the on-campus J Term courses and there are no required additional required expenses. Tuition and room are included; the campus meal plan is an optional extra. Financial aid applies. Take one amazing, in-depth course: The Heart of Mathematics, Baseball in American Histroy, Lego Robotics Programming, Digital Animation, or one of dozens of other offerings. Develop great insights through concentration. Enjoy the snow on campus, and take in one of our enticing (and hair-raising) slopes.

The costs associated with domestic, mainland off-campus J Term programs average $1,600, while extensive travel far afield ranges from $2,000 (San Salvador, Bahamas Island Biogeography), to $3,900 (Hawaiian Geology), to $4,620 (Egypt History and Culture). Expenses include all travel, most or all meals, lodging, transportation on site, and excursion fees. Learn more about individual program costs.

You’ll want to consider applying for one of Hartwick’s generous scholarships dedicated solely to study abroad. The Duffy Family Ambassador Scholarships support students’ educational travel abroad with awards of up to $5,000. Awards go to students with demonstrated financial need who make a strong case for the value of their proposed program abroad. Emerson Foundation Scholarships offer up to$5,000 for international academic internships or directed study. Both scholarship programs are open to sophomore, junior, or senior students of all majors who are pursuing an experience for academic credit. Learn more about Hartwick's Emerson and Duffy Scholarships.

Three more scholarships are available to help defray some costs of an off-campus program. The Florence and George Hutman Scholarship for International Study, the Andrew and Betty J. Anderson J Term Scholarship, and the Dobert Family Scholarship are awarded to students in good academic standing wishing to pursue international study at all levels. Learn more about these scholarships.



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