• Jungle of Madagascar
  • Busy streets of Shanghai, China
  • Biology along a Caribbean Gulf Coast
  • Hartwick student during study abroad

Credit Earned

On campus, off campus, international — every J Term experience is an academic course, with grading criteria and academic credit. It becomes part of your transcript, your objective record, your credentials. The outcomes are both quantifiable and immeasurable.

J Term is intense. The month of January is spent on one course and one course only. On-campus classes meet just about every day, taking full advantage of the extended time together for in-depth study, discussions, practice, and projects. Off-campus programs typically begin at Hartwick with academic and cultural preparation before the on-site experience begins.

J Term courses apply toward graduation requirements, and many for major requirements. Example: the culture and language immersion programs of Puerto Rico, France, and Peru fulfill the College language requirement and are open to both majors and non-majors.

J Term Abroad Sample Grading Criteria:
Tropical Biology of Costa Rica
[Biol 350 majors; Biol 250 non-majors]

  • 30% Quizzes on site
  • 30% Written reports, including tables of data and graphs and statistical analyses where appropriate, of experimental results in scientific format
  • 10% Prepared talks to be presented in the field during evening seminars
  • 20% Journal of daily records of observations and experiments in the field
  • 10% Participation and attitude
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Hartwick is consistently ranked a Top 10 College for study abroad - 60% of our students do so.