• Biology along a Caribbean Gulf Coast
  • Hartwick student during study abroad
  • Busy streets of Shanghai, China
  • Jungle of Madagascar

Intern Abroad

Take your international savvy to the next level and further customize your Hartwick education. Continue to broaden your understanding of and appreciation for other countries and other people. Impress graduate schools and future employers. Do an internship or independent/directed study abroad.

The steps are straightforward. Think and talk about your interests, your goals. Be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in strong academic standing. Make professional connections through Hartwick faculty, staff, and affiliates in host countries. Complete the extensive application for international internship, and maybe apply for an international scholarship. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Learn more about Hartwick's intership programs.

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Hartwick students gain a leg-up in the job market through our innovative intern and shadowing programs.