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J Term from the Start

Start now. Consider the options for your first J Term. And your second, third, and fourth. J Term will take you everywhere, and we're serious when we say it will change your life, just like it has for thousands of Hartwick students over the last 30 years.

Nearly every off-campus program is open to new students; a few are First Year Seminars just for freshmen. Some — like Geology and Natural History of Hawaii— have a course prerequisite offered in the fall. All are open to majors and non-majors (exception: Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica), so you’ll be bringing along a good mix of interests and talents.

You must be in good academic and campus standing to participate; of course. Application required. Programs are small by design, often fewer than 15 students. Many run every other year, so if you don’t get in as a freshman, sign up early as a junior. Some run every year, and are always in demand —German Term in Austria, for example. Faculty propose new J Term programs each spring for the following year — programs such as Global Marketing in Italy.

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The median starting salary for Hartwick grads ranks 50th in the country among liberal arts colleges.