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Past Off-Campus J Term Programs

Off-campus program offered are all planned and led by Hartwick faculty. Past programs are listed below. To read student stories about J Term off-campus programs, visit www.hartwickexperience.com.

Art & Architecture of Rome, Florence, and Venice (ARTH 307)
The Arts of Brazil (MUSI 250/ARTH 250)
Chamber Music in Southern Arizona (MUSI 350)
London/Paris: Museums and Monuments ( ARTH 350)
Theatre in New York City (THEA 205)
Theatre in England (THEA 303)
Geology in the Art of Hungary (ART/GEOL 250)

Business, Economics, Politics, and Religion
Doing Business in Asia: China (BUSA 350/ECON 350)
Global Marketing in Italy (BUSA 350)
Sustainable Public Policies in Arizona (ECON 350/POSC 250)
Romania: Past, Present and Potential (BUSA 250/350)
Cuba in Flux (ECON 350)
Europe: European Union Politics (POSC 250)

Culture and Language
The Religious Culture of Ancient Egypt (RELS 360/HIST 360)
The Psychology of WWII- England and Germany (PSC 250)
Multicultural and Urban Educational Field Experience in Ghana (EDCU 390)
Social Work in Great Britain (SOCI 350)
The Psychology of Creativity- Hawaii (PSYC 150)
Language and Cultural Immersion in Senegal (FREN 106/206/306)
South Africa: Change and Challenges (ANTH 355)
Language Immersion in Spain (SPAN 105/205/305)
Language Immersion in the Heart of France (FREN 105)
Post-Communist Transition in the Ukraine/Czech Republic (ECON 350/POSC 350)
Education, Language and Culture in Vietnam (EDUC 255)
Shakespeare's England (ENGL 283)
German Term in Vienna (GERM 298/498)
Irish Culture and Society (SOCI 338)
Language Immersion and Human Rights in Guatemala (SPAN 285/385/485)
The Riches of South Africa (ANTH 350)
Hong Kong: Psychology and Culture (PSYC 250)
Netherlands: Comparative Criminal Justice (SOCI 250)
Experience New York City: Liberal Arts in Practice (RELS 350)

Science and Medicine
Bahamas: Island Biogeography (BIOL 240)
Geology and Natural History of Hawaii (GEOL 275)
Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica (NURS 346)
People, Animal and Plants of Thailand (BIOL 242)
Madagascar: Culture, Conservation, and Natural History (BIOL 244)
Natural History of Costa Rica (BIOL 241/341)

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