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Courses & Credit

The courses offered in Hartwick's Summer College for High School Students are transferrable to Hartwick College and most other colleges. Each college sets its own policies on transfer credit. In general, a grade of C or better is required to transfer a course. Upon completion of a summer course, transcript requests may be made through the Office of Advising & Registration. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the courses in whic he/she enrolls will transfer to the college he/she plans to attend.

Choose one of 10 exciting, thought provoking, three-credit courses:

ART 250: This is Drawing
Resident Artist Barbara Ardan

ANTH 150: Forensic Anthropology: Osteology
Professor Connie Anderson

BIO 101: Biology in Practice
Assistant Professor A.J. Russo

BIOC 150: Synthetic Biology
Associate Professor Andrew Piefer

BIOL 150: Topics in Biology: Introduction to Human Biology
Assistant Professor Munir S. Syed

EDUC 250: Children's Literature
Associate Professor Johanna Mitchell

MUSI 150: Topics in Music: The Dynamics of Music
Assistant Professor Jason Leo Curley

POSC 150: The United Nations in World Politics
Assistant Professor Amy Forster Rothbart

THEA 150: Summer Theatre Performance Workshop
Assitant Professor Malissa Kano-White

THEA 121: Stagecraft
Technical Director/Lighting Designer Gary Burlew

The cost of textbooks for courses is included in the total program cost. Books for Summer College students will be delivered during Orientation.

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