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Synthetic Biology

Have you ever wished to tinker with the very stuff of life, treating it like a massive LEGO set? Until recently, moving genes around and changing their regulation involved very specific techniques that required extensive training. The new field of Synthetic Biology has standardized all of the parts of a gene, creating simple "bio-bricks" that can be combined into new combinations and without weeks of effort. It is now possible for just about anyone to "teach" a simple bacterium some new tricks in just a few days of work.

In this project-centered, hands-on, laboratory course students will learn how to manipulate bio-bricks and recombine them in new ways to create new function. Pick from an assortment of more than 1,200 bricks and document your team's progress on your own wiki page. Learn skills that can be applied in the classroom and biotech laboratory.

This course is taught by Associate Professor of Chemistry Andrew Piefer.

For more information about studying biochemistry or chemistry at Hartwick, visit the Department of Chemistry web page.