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Topics in Biology: Introduction to Human Biology

To better understand and appreciate the marvel that is the human body and gain the knowledge needed in making informed decisions about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and appropriate medical care, students will engage in hands-on learning in exploring the structure and functions of organs and organ systems of the human body.

Since the main methodolgy of this course is experiential learning, students will use animal dissection to study different body parts and to emphasize the interrelationship between structure and function. Digital media will enhance student engagement. Class members will get an opportunity to research current scientific, social, and bioethical issues related to human biology. Field trips to Pine Lake Environmental Campus will provide opportunities for students to study how living and nonliving components of ecosystems interact and how human activities can put us and other species at risk.

This course is taught by Assistant Professor of Biology Munir S. Syed.

For more information about studying biology at Hartwick, visit the Department of Biology web page.