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The Dynamics of Music

The Dynamics of Music is an exploration of the interrelationships between music and other disciplines. Intersecting topics that will be considered include physics, religion, war, art, architecture, technology, history, education, and the music industry. Additionally, an understanding of general musical concepts will be gained through a highly interactive hands-on environment. These concepts will include the basics of theory, aural skills, conducting, composition, historical performance practices, and attendance at musical performances.

This course will be highly engaging, and will include live musical demonstrations and exercises, online journal readings, listening assignments, reflective essays, songwriting, conducting, and peer teaching assignments. We will begin with a personal survey that will allow the instructor to better understand each student's relationship with music. Because we all have engaged to various degrees, student musical experiences and expectations will inform how the course will unfold.

This course is taught by Assistant Professorof Music Jason Leo Curley.

For more information about studying music at Hartwick, visit the Department of Music web page.

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