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The United Nations in World Politics

Investigate the work the United Nations (UN) does around the globe in this hands-on exploration of the institution's role in world politics. Students will engage in multiple Model United Nations simulations on crucial world issues such as humanitarian intervention and climate change, as well as undertake debate over Security Council restructuring. In these sessions, students will act as representatives of some of the world's greatest powers, learning about politics and everyday life in other countries at the same time as they learn about the UN.

We will investigate the ways in which the United Nations affects state behavior, enabling cooperation to address security, development, and other challenges. We will also consider the many constraints on UN effectiveness, from resistance from powerful countries to the limitations of international law, to problems with accountability. We will look not only at the activities of the most visible UN bodies - the General Assembly and Security Council, but also at the impact of UN agencies and programs around the globe.

The course will include a trip to New York City to tour the United Nations headquarters and speak with a United Nations representative as well as with nongovernmental organizations that conduct advocacy at the UN.

This course is taught by Assistant Professor of Political Science Amy Forster Rothbart.

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