• Students performing theatre production
  • Student paiting wall at Hartwick College
  • Student writing review with faculty
  • Students in Arnold Rain Garden, Hartwick College


Stagecraft is the study of the techniques that are used to bring a theatrical design from the designer to the stage. Through a series of class projects, students will learn to translate a playwright's script and create some of the design elements that would be used on stage. Students will also develop an understanding of what each area of theatrical design does and how each helps to achieve a unified production through the process of collaboration.

In addition, time will be spent discussing all of the different people that work in theatre, dance, and opera and what job each one of them does. This will also include some elements of theatre history and architecture.

Students will learn to work safely in the scene shop and will be able to correctly and safely use all of the hand and power tools that are commonly found there. Significant time will be spent using the materials that are commonly used in the construction of scenery. Students in the class will also provide technical support (scenery, lighting, props) for the musical theatre course THEA 150 Summer Theatre Performance Workshop.

This course is taught by Technical Director/Lighting Designer Gary Burlew.

For more information about studying theatre at Hartwick, visit the Theatre Arts web page.

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