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Summer Theatre Performance Workshop

A performance workshop for actors, actors who sing, and singers who act; students receive individualized training in voice, audition techniques, musical theatre, contemporary and classical scene work, improvisation, and creative risk taking. The Summer Theatre Performance Workshop will conclude with a public showcase of student work.

Students will learn:

  • To deepen their appreciation for the theatre through the art of acting
  • Text analysis within the context of developing character and scripts for performance
  • A sense of "being in the moment" through spontaneity and creative imagination
  • To connect emotionally to the inner life of the character
  • To release creative energy, manage tension, and take creative risks
  • To work collaborative and cooperatively with members of the acting ensemble
  • To engage in a journey of personal discovery, imagination, self-expression, and creative growth

This course is taught by Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Malissa Kano-White.

For more information about studying theatre at Hartwick, visit the Theatre Arts web page.

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