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Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars are scheduled in the afternoons during Summer College. These seminars are designed to help students succeed once they enter college, and are lead by Hartwick staff and faculty who are passionate about what they do.  You will learn skills that will make you a better student and will help lead to your success in college.

Scheduled seminars include:

Differences Between High School and College
What is College all about? What is a College course like? What are typical transitional issues a student might experience? Explore the differences in expectations between high school and College.

Robin Diana is the Hartwick College Dean of Student Success. As a transformative leader in higher education, she has been actively engaged in all aspects of college life and has had the opportunity to lead and serve in the College's Academic Affairs and Student Affairs divisions.

Library Research & Information Literacy
Through active learning projects students will practice skills fundamental to information literacy and critical thinking: recognizing an information need and locating, evaluating, and using information effectively and ethically.

Rebecca Hewitt has been a reference librarian and coordinator of library instruction at Hartwick since 2013. She has also worked in the libraries of Hamilton College, Colgate University, and Boston University College of Law. In addition to a master's degree in library and information studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and an undergraduate degree from Smith College, she has earned a law degree and, most recently, a graduate certificate in institutional research. Her research interests include library assessment, active learning in the library classroom, and college and university disciplinary systems.

College Admissions Essay Writing
This seminar will discuss strategies and guidelines to assist students in writing a good quality College Essay/Personal Statement. We'll discuss approaches and topics, and in addition, what colleges are looking for in the essay. General topics regarding the college search process will also be presented and discussed.

Manny Pelligra is Hartwick's Senior Associate Director of Admissions. He has 10 years of experience in the field of college admissions. He's served in both the private college sector and within the SUNY system.

Financial Aid
Applying for financial aid is an important part of the college search process. This seminar will teach you the basics of the application process and what you need to do to make sure that you are offered the most financial aid possible by your college of choice. You will learn about the common mistakes that are made on the FAFSA and what you need to do to stay right on track.

Melissa Allen is the Director of Financial Aid at Hartwick College and has worked in both Admissions and Financial Aid during her 13 years at the College. She has an MS in Education from Capella University and a BA in English and Anthropology from the College of William and Mary.

Test Taking Strategies
SAT and/or ACT scores are one of the most important factors in receiving scholarships and recognition for college; however students commonly struggle to succeed, especially in mathematics. Theis seminar includes brief yet crucial algebra review, tricks, and strategies to tackle the main issue of solving many problems in a short period of time.

Dr. Min Chung has long-time extracurricular experience with timed testing and practiced as a test preparation specialist in both South Korea and the U.S.; these sessions offer his combined knowledge of test prep and in-class teaching experience. He is currently the Department Chair of Mathematics and has a Ph.D. from Indiana University at Bloomington, IN.

Career Explorers
This seminar will explore how participation in internships, study abroad, and community-based learning can help you create your own map to career success. This session will include fun activities for you to learn more about your skills and interests as well as insider tips about where to look for -- and get -- the best internships and study abroad opportunities.

Melissa Marietta is the Assistant Director of Career Services and has spent six years helping Hartwick students find their professional passion through experiential learning. She has an MA from the Cooperstown Graduate Program at the SUNY-Oneonta and a BA from Mount Holyoke College.