Amanda Aldi '99

Hartwick was one of three schools I considered. I chose Hartwick after I took an advanced placement class in Music Theory in high school; a school with a population almost double the size of Hartwick. During my campus visit, I was able to meet with the cross-country coach and Dr. Steve Markuson. After I visited Hartwick, I realized that I would really benefit from Hartwick's size, learning environment, and faculty.

My most memorable experience was probably my first show as a freshman at Hartwick--the 1996 J Term musical "Jesus Christ Superstar". There were several upperclass students in the show who we got to know, and it was a great introduction to the theatre at Hartwick. We had a lot of fun that January; I forged a few great friendships and I can’t help but think of it every time I hear the music from that show.

I loved J Term on campus. It’s such an interesting time at Hartwick. Others are off doing internships and studying abroad, and those choosing to remain in Oneonta enjoy having the campus to themselves! You can focus on one class, and you can really get a lot out of it. There’s also serious bonding time with your friends who are on campus with you. J Term classes prepared me for life post-college. Every January I think about J Term at Hartwick.

I did the J Term "Musical" three times and took Ken Golden’s “Theatre in NYC” class my junior year. In New York, I got to see between 7-10 shows; Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway. We met theatre professionals, took part in Q&A with the cast of a show, and got to tour a Broadway theatre. It was an unparalleled experience!

During my J Term work on the musicals, I was given the chance to work on the show all day, every day. We rehearsed and worked on the technical aspects. Not quite the pace of the professional world, but we felt a bit like professionals--pretending not to be students as we focused on the show for four weeks straight!

I really grew and flourished at Hartwick. Some of my best memories are performing with the Choir under Dr. Kratochvil, “pledging” Alpha Psi Omega, getting together in study groups for our music classes (no, really!), and learning everything I could from my vocal instructor, Cindy Donaldson. I wouldn’t trade my Hartwick years for anything. As more time passes after graduation, my love for my time at Hartwick continues to grow!

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