Anna Meyer

Head field hockey coach and lecturer

Education: Bachelor's degree from SUNY Cortland, master's degree from James Madison University

National Coach of the Year in field hockey and in lacrosse; regional, state, and conference coach of the year; New York State Women's Collegiate Athletic Association service award; Hartwick College Student Athlete Advisory Board service award; Hartwick College Alumni Association outstanding employee; Hartwick College Staff Council Team Player Award

Hartwick activities:
Chair of the Hartwick Athletic Hall of Fame, Staff Council, Binder Renovation Committee, Retention Task Force, Athletic Task Force, Athletic Liaison to the Admissions office, Campus Parking Committee

What is your most valued Hartwick experience?
There are too many to list, but the top group includes playing in three NCAA Final Fours in two different sports, playing for the national championship, taking a team from the eighth seed to the championship game in the ECAC tourney, and creating lifetime relationships with my former student-athletes. As a matter of fact, I cherish those friendships probably more than any game that I have ever been a part of here.

How did you end up at Hartwick?
I taught math and physical education for six years at a boarding school in Pennsylvania called The Mercersburg Academy. I was then an assistant field hockey and lacrosse coach at James Madison University while earning my master's degree in athletic administration. I spent one semester at SUNY-Cortland as the head lacrosse coach, and then ended up at Hartwick in the fall of 1988. I was the head field hockey and head lacrosse coach for 11 years, and then the school split the position and I remained the head field hockey coach.

Why Hartwick?
When I accepted the job at Hartwick, most of my experience was at a place I loved, The Mercersburg Academy. It was such a special place and people there really cared about what was happening there ... in all aspects of one's life. I knew I wanted to be at the college level, but wanted that same caring community. When I arrived at Hartwick, I could tell it had a real family feel like Mercersburg. I thought it was a good place for me at the time. Twenty-four years later, it is a great place for me.

What does "theory into practice" mean to you?
Every minute I am with the kids on my team, theory into practice is taking place. We are constantly learning and doing ... all at the same time. Everything that happens in athletics every day has something to do with the sport itself, but everything to do with a person's real-life experiences. Student-athletes deal with time management, compromise, competition, sacrifice, team work, conflict, success, failure, and just plain figuring out how to get along! After 32 years as an educator and coach, I am 100 percent sure that a student will learn as much outside the classroom as they will inside the classroom.

What about your work energizes you?
The clear answer is the students. I find that my best moments at Hartwick are when I am fully engaged with students. They energize me and make we want to continue to work hard and get the most out my time here. I also think the people who work at Hartwick are first rate. I have made so many friends for life over my time here, and Hartwick is lucky to have such dedicated employees!

How do you describe our students, faculty, and staff?
The entire campus community is hard working, and everyone is trying to make this place, and our students, the best it and they can be.

What is your most important contribution to Hartwick?
I have taught many great life lessons to many student athletes in my time at Hartwick, and I feel I am a very good source of positive energy and motivation for others.

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