Anthropology is a vital and growing field, with a growing number of undergraduate anthropology majors and predictions of 19% job growth in anthropology by 2022. Anthropology investigates human origins and what it means to be human. For more, see What is Anthropology?

The Hartwick College Anthropology Department delivers a unique undergraduate experience. Read more--and apply now!

The department's Summer Archaeological Field School provides a practical approach to learning.

    • Pure Anthropology. Anthropology courses at Hartwick are taught by professors with doctoral training in anthropology. Every required course for an anthropology major or minor is a real anthropology course. See the Anthropology Major & Minor requirements and Anthropology Courses.
    • Engaged Professors. At Hartwick, undergraduates get full professor attention. Each anthropology professor has an active research and publishing program and continues anthropological fieldwork. See our Award-Winning Professors.
  • Resources. Hartwick is a great place to do anthropology. The department is conveniently located in Yager Hall, the heart of Hartwick campus life, and is just steps away from the Library and the Yager Museum of Art & Culture. You'll get to use our anthropology research lab. You can do archaeology at a Pine Lake Summer Field School and interact with anthropology majors from SUNY-Oneonta. With two thriving anthropology departments in the same town, Oneonta has one of the highest per capita populations of anthropologists in the world! See Resources and Opportunities.
  • Study Abroad. Anthropology faculty run amazing J-Term experiences, and because faculty have active fieldwork research agendas, you can take advantage of unique Hartwick College study-scholarship opportunities. Since many anthropologists got their start from semester or year-long study abroad, you can find a suitable program for immersion in another society. See Off-Campus Study for more information.
  • Clubs and Connections. Join the Anthropology Club to enhance your anthropology experience! The Anthropology Club has won awards for best student organization, and has attended annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Montreal. Doing anthropology at Hartwick means connecting to life-long learning and exploration--please join us on our Hartwick Anthropology Facebook page. For more, see Clubs and Connections.

Contact: Department Chair, David Anthony: 607-431-4862