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Who's Charlotte?

Charlotte Miller became the first female teacher at the institution then known as Hartwick Seminary in 1851. Charlotte's hiring and the admission of Hartwick's initial 27 female students made the seminary coeducational, a first among American Lutheran academies.

Charlotte was the daughter of George B. Miller, a seminary stalwart for more than 40 years as an assistant teacher, principal, and professor. He was one of 10 members of her family to share an intimate connection with Hartwick.

Now, Charlotte Miller brings this wealth of ground-breaking experience and wisdom to you thanks to the wonders of the Internet!

She is available now to respond to your questions on any number of topics. Can't find the bookstore? Ask Charlotte! Can't sleep because that new roommate snores like a Grizzly Bear? Ask Charlotte! Looking for something to do on a Wednesday afternoon in Oneonta? Ask Charlotte! Need relationship advice? Ask Charlotte! Having trouble fitting in study-time and winning the Halo tournament? Ask Charlotte! Wondering if those striped capris go with that paisley blouse? The answer is no, but if you want to be sure, you can ask Charlotte!

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