Welcome to your Hartwick College Bookstore!

Operated by Barnes & Noble
3rd Floor, Dewar Student Union:

Open 9 am - 5 pm (M-F)
12 noon-3pm (Sat.)

Textbook Store:
1st floor Dewar
Open open 9 am - 5 pm (M-F)

607 431 4340 (voice)
607 431 4125 (fax)

To purchase textbooks, clothing, or Hartwick specialty gifts, visit and shop our online store at

The Benefits of a National Retailer

As a national book retailer that also operates on more than 500 college campuses, Barnes & Noble offers expertise in bookstore operations, as well as an established supply chain and opportunities for the highest quality. Hartwick students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents find exceptional merchandise at competitive prices. Through Barnes & Noble's aggressive Used Textbook Program, students and faculty benefit from reduced textbook costs. Hartwick's Barnes & Noble carries a wide array of titles, educational supplies, an assortment of emblematic clothing and gifts, and dorm supplies.

ConvenientPurchasing Options

In addition to charging textbook and academic supplies to your student account, students may use their WICKit card account to charge both academic and non-academic supplies. For more information about WICKit, click here.

Also, save considerable time when purchasing textbooks online. Textbooks are delivered to the bookstore for easy pick up, meaning no lines to wait in when getting your order! To purchase textbooks, visit and shop our online store at

Discounts & Special Promotions

Regular discounts are available to alumni, faculty and staff. Barnes & Noble offers full seasonal promotions druing the Spring and Fall Semesters.

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29The percentage of Hartwick students who play at least one sport.