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Hartwick College is dedicated to high quality, high value, experience enhanced liberal arts education.

The Campaign for Hartwick Students focuses on three strategic objectives: building the endowment in the form of scholarships, undertaking critical capital projects, and increasing annual giving, allowing us to deliver this promise to students today and tomorrow.

Our commitment starts with increasing access. Many deserving students want and would benefit from a Hartwick education. Students value Hartwick's personal approach to education, and yet as our costs increase families find that they do not have the means to afford the Hartwick experience. We have worked hard to contain our costs and balance our budgets while increasing financial support for students. It is at the juncture of students' desire for Hartwick and their inability to contribute their share of educational costs that endowed scholarships make the difference. Further, endowed funds for J Term study will help ensure that every student has the opportunity to study abroad at least once in his or her time at Hartwick.

Hartwick's future will be shaped by forces in our environment economic, demographic, and global and our success will be dependent upon our readiness to respond. Those students who need financial assistance will increasingly depend upon us to bridge the gap in affordability. In order to compete for the best students and to continue to increase our selectivity, we must be prepared to maintain Hartwick's quality while making the experience more affordable.

We have an enduring commitment to maintaining, and improving, our campus facilities. The Campaign for Hartwick Students also includes improvements to the Anderson Center for the Arts so that students majors and non-majors alike can work with faculty in spaces that best support their creative and intellectual goals. Improvements to the Binder Physical Education Center will give student-athletes the spaces they need to excel, while the new William V. Campbell H'10 Fitness Center will bring health and wellness opportunities to the center of campus. A newly renovated student "living room" in Dewar Union addresses our students' request for a central gathering space where they can spend time together thinking, learning, and enjoying the company of others. Further campus improvements will take the form of energy efficiency initiatives that will increase our return on our energy investments while decreasing our carbon footprint.

The annual fund the Hartwick Fund is the third and final major objective in The Campaign for Hartwick Students. Gifts to the Hartwick Fund help meet the varied, and evolving, needs of today's students and faculty. Annual gifts fund new course development; ensure competitive compensation for employees; and provide resources for student-faculty collaborative research.

Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

Hartwick College has long demonstrated remarkable skill in fostering student learning through knowledge and experience. We value the importance of Hartwick's well-rounded approach to education and feel that supporting these efforts is a winning investment in current and future generations. Of course, it's always satisfying to make an investment with a guaranteed return.

- Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

Trustee Emeritus
Endowed the Jessie E. Jenks Scholarship and the Young/Woodard Scholarship funds
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