The campaign for Hartwick students

Campaign Leadership

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The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It's Personal

Campaign Committee

Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin '86, chair
Arnold M. Drogen, vice chair
Brian Wright H'02, honorary chair

Bruce Anderson '63
Elaine H. Arnold '69
Eugenie S. Dieck P'15
Margaret L. Drugovich P'12
Janice and Jerald Feldman P'12
Keith J. Fulmer
Robert Hanft '69
Halford Johnson P'86
Francis D. Landrey P'06
Ronald P. Lynch '87
Lisa Schulmeister '78
Robert Spadaccia '70

Bruce Anderson ’63

We didn’t have much money when I was young and without financial aid I couldn’t have gone to Hartwick. I got a very good education and now I’m giving back; the two cannot be separated.

- Bruce Anderson ’63

Endowed a scholarship in the name of his parents and supports J Term study
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