The campaign for Hartwick students

Campaign Leadership

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The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It's Personal

Campaign Committee

Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin '86, co-chair
Sally Griffiths Herbert '88, co-chair
Arnold M. Drogen, vice chair
Brian Wright H'02, honorary chair

Bruce Anderson '63
Elaine H. Arnold '69
Eugenie S. Dieck P'15
Margaret L. Drugovich P'12
Janice and Jerald Feldman P'12
Keith J. Fulmer
Robert Hanft '69
Halford Johnson P'86
Francis D. Landrey P'06
Ronald P. Lynch '87
Lisa Schulmeister '78
Robert Spadaccia '70

Casey Mullaney '12

My experience at Hartwick College would not have been possible without the scholarships that I received. If I had the opportunity to thank the people who donated to those scholarships, I’d take them to my cabin at Pine Lake, make them a cup of Malian tea, show them my pictures, and just try to communicate what the past four years have meant to me because it’s been incredible and I am so happy I was able to be here.

- Casey Mullaney '12

Triple major in English, French and religious studies; now working for the Center for Community Alternatives, NYC
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