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We call this "The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It's Personal"

... because this Campaign will enhance the experience of each Hartwick student.

Every student, no matter what she studies, no matter what his interests, will benefit from the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends who donate to the Campaign.

When complete, this Campaign will provide students greater access to study at Hartwick, a better experience of the campus, a model ofPresident Drugovich sustainable and responsible energy consumption, and broad access to our transformational J Term experience.

Each objective in this campaign is important. This will be the first campaign in the College's history to make endowment growth, through the funding of scholarships, a primary focus. Gifts made to endowed scholarships make Hartwick possible for students who want this experience and need financial assistance to make it possible. Endowed scholarships for J Term study will assure that all Hartwick students, no matter their financial resources, will have access to the transformational experience of study abroad. Access to a high quality Hartwick education, and to study abroad, changes lives. Together we can make it possible for generations of deserving students to attend Hartwick and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Someone helped each one of us along the way. It is our turn to help others.

The Hartwick campus is unforgettable. The stunning views across the Susquehanna Valley leave an indelible impression. Our facilities support our faculty in their teaching and research and our students in their learning. The Campaign for Hartwick Students will fund some very important infrastructure enhancements. The most visible is the William V. Campbell H'10 Fitness Center, named for Intuit Chairman Bill Campbell, a friend of the College who made a leadership gift in support of this Campaign. This fitness facility will allow every Hartwick student to pursue his or her personal wellness goals.

When planning for the Campaign, our students told us that having a "living room" close to our residence halls was their top priority - and so we are recreating Stack Lounge, turning it into a welcoming gathering space for our students.

More than 900 students a semester study in the Anderson Center for the Arts. We will make important physical improvements to this wonderful building to assure that the students who sing, create art, and study and perform instrumental music will have the best possible learning experience. Likewise, our student athletes deserve locker and team room space that matches their level of accomplishment. Almost one in three Hartwick students participates in a varsity sport. Making these changes will signal to our student-athletes that we support and appreciate their level of discipline, commitment, and dedication to achieving their personal best whether on the field, court, pitch, or pool.

Sustainability has long been a focus on our campus, and it has become a part of the way today's students think about their world and their future. This Campaign will provide our students a model for sustainable operations as we fund the goal that we call A Greener Hartwick. These projects will help us to reduce our carbon footprint, increase our energy efficiency, and reduce our waste. Ultimately, the money we save in energy expenditures as a result of the projects in this portion of the Campaign will free resources that we can better invest in enhancements such as funds to support faculty development, academic programs, and student research.

In their presentations, performances, and competitions Hartwick students impress us time and again with their talent and their sense of purpose. I encourage you to support our students through gifts to the Campaign objectives that will improve the spaces that are integral to the Hartwick learning and living experience.

Our final objective in this Campaign is building a greater and consistent annual base of operational support through the Hartwick Fund. The Hartwick Fund provides essential annual support that allows us to sustain the quality experience that we promise our students. It provides critical operational support and gives us the flexibility we need to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. I hope that when you make a commitment to The Campaign for Hartwick Students you will include a commitment to the Hartwick Fund.

You are the key to success in this Campaign. As I experience our campus every day, I know that our students deserve our support. This community is eager to help every student explore, experiment, and ultimately connect with his or her future. I am proud to be part of a community that understands so well the connection between a high quality liberal arts education and our collective future as a society of engaged, curious, creative, and courageous citizens. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to continuing this tradition of aspiration and excellence through your gift to The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It's Personal.

President Drugovich's Signature
Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich P'12

P.S. To learn how you can get involved in The Campaign for Hartwick Students, please contact my colleague, Vice President for College Advancement Gregg Fort, at 607-431-4026 or

Stan Phelps P’86

It’s simple. Hartwick helped to educate our daughter well, and so we owe them. The College’s liberal arts core gives all graduates a huge plus. Hartwick people are balanced.

- Stan Phelps P’86

Supports building projects and the Hartwick Fund