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The Anderson Center for the Arts

  • Anderson Center for the Arts
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$1.55 Million Goal

... to renovate the lobby and to make key environmental improvements such as temperature controls and air circulation.

The Anderson Center for the Arts is a space of transformation, a place where imagination is let loose and inhibitions are left at the door. Young musicians and artists feel the power and make it their own.

This is where tradition feeds innovation, where some of the oldest art forms are conceived and created alongside cutting-edge works. Where students pour bronze and apply paint to canvas, where they take hand to clay, torch to metal, heat to glass, and where they explore technology in developing digital work.

This is where musicians and singers dive deep. Where they develop their expertise, refine their talent, and often prepare to teach. Many Hartwick musicians play multiple instruments or find expression through an instrument and their voice. They share their talents widely - on campus, in schools, in the community.

Anderson Center for the Arts becomes the go-to space for non-majors, as well. Students who try one art and want more. Students for whom music is an important part of life even as they major in other interests. They describe Anderson as the place where they find balance, their refuge from the pressures of their demanding academics. This is where many Hartwick students begin or continue the artistic component of what will become their well-rounded lives.

Many talents, many forms of art, one space: it is this very juxtaposition that creates the need for renovations to the Anderson Center for the Arts.

Arnie Drogen

I am continually impressed and often touched by the quality of what takes place on Oyaron Hill. The practicality and the dedication that Hartwick College demonstrates in so many ways both enhances the lives of young people and benefits our society.

- Arnie Drogen

Community Leader and Hartwick College Trustee
Chair of the Campaign for Anderson Center for the Arts
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