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$1.4 Million Goal

... to preserve Hartwick’s resources and improve our energy efficiency.

An essential part of the Hartwick experience is to teach the leaders of tomorrow, our graduates, to be good stewards of their resources. Hartwick is committed to not only teaching about energy efficiency, but also to modeling our efforts to become more energy efficient. This begins with retrofitting older buildings to make them greener while planning future buildings to be as environmentally friendly as possible while remaining affordable. In modeling this behavior, we hope that our graduates bring the same passion for energy efficiency and green building or retrofitting to their own homes and businesses.

The Greener Hartwick Initiative will improve our energy efficiency through the replacement of aged heating and cooling systems, management of ground and drain water systems, installation of energy monitoring controls that will serve as teaching tools, and replacement of inefficient windows in student learning and residential spaces.

This initiative will help Hartwick reduce our energy consumption, reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels, and address erosion management. The result will be a greener, smarter, more efficient Hartwick.

Diane Pfriender Hettinger ‘77

From my experiences in life and on Hartwick’s Board of Trustees, I have come to believe that your legacy is the lives you touch. That is what drives me.

- Diane Pfriender Hettinger ‘77

Hartwick College Trustee
35-year consecutive donor; Campaign commitment for J Term endowment
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