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Imagined Communities in France

Location: Various liocations in France

Course: HIST 219

Students learn about France as a national and cultural community by exploring first-hand the sites of the bloody battles that have become part of the master narrative of French history. From the murderous past of Loire Valley châteaux to the Revolutionary city of Paris, the battlefields of Somme and the Normandy beaches, students literally walk through French history. They also question the idea of "France" by examining past and present communities who have been defined as foreigners, invaders, or outsiders. Students live the French life by staying with French host families and traveling to three different regions of France.

Instructors: Professor of History/Department Chair, Cherilyn Lacy and Associate Professor of French/Department Chair of  Modern & Classical Languages, Mark Wolff
Length of program: 23 days


Kathi Fragola Hochberg '73

Hartwick's support allowed me to realize my personal and professional goals. I want to ensure that present and future students will benefit from their Hartwick experience and take the skills, knowledge, and friendships they forged on Oyaron Hill with them on their continuing journey through life.

- Kathi Fragola Hochberg '73

Established the Joseph L. Fragola Memorial Scholarship Fund
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