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Irish Culture and Society I or II

Location: Various locations in Ireland

Course: SOCI 238/338, offered every other year

Ireland is a land of contrasts resulting from isolation from Europe, a millennium of colonial rule, and its ongoing diasporas (one in seven Americans has Irish heritage). This course explores how history has shaped the development of Irish cultural and social institutions. Students start in Gleann Cholm Cille, briefly becoming part of the community: living in Irish homes, learning to speak some Irish, and joining in unique cultural traditions while exploring Donegal and Derry. Next comes Galway, a university town with access to the Arran Islands, Connemara, and the Burren. Then Killarney, with its plethora of historical sites and natural wonders. Here students explore the magical Dingle Peninsula. They end up in Dublin, for particular focus on cultural and governmental institutions. Students have the opportunity for short excursions based on individual interests. Throughout the course there are opportunities to walk in the footsteps of rebels, writers, and saints and meet Irish from all walks of life while coming away with a touch of the Blarney.

Prerequisite: SOCI 238 Irish Culture and Society I
Program leaders: Professor of Sociology Reid Golden and Visual Resources Curator, Art & Art History Department & Exhibit Coordinator for the Foreman Gallery Nancy Golden
Length of program: 25 days

Kathi Fragola Hochberg '73

Hartwick's support allowed me to realize my personal and professional goals. I want to ensure that present and future students will benefit from their Hartwick experience and take the skills, knowledge, and friendships they forged on Oyaron Hill with them on their continuing journey through life.

- Kathi Fragola Hochberg '73

Established the Joseph L. Fragola Memorial Scholarship Fund
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