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Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica

Location: Jamaica

Course: NURS 346, offered every year

Cultural competency requires that one be skilled at grasping both emic (insider) and etic (outsider) perspectives; for it is in knowing and feeling a people's experiences and history that one begins to understand the logic of their behavior and gain insight into one's own as a health care provider. This course assists students in recognizing the myriad health-related beliefs and practices that exist among and between members of a culture and how those beliefs and practices impact upon the health of its members. This four-week experience exposes students to transcultural concepts and theories in action, opportunities to assess individual and collective determinants of health, and the challenge of providing culturally competent care to individuals, families and groups. Students are exposed to different empirical, aesthetic, and ethical frameworks to assist them in providing holistic, culturally competent care. Clinical experiences occur in diverse rural clinic and community settings with an emphasis on therapeutic interventions, health promotion, disease prevention, risk reduction and health teaching within a unique ethno-cultural environment.

Prerequisite: NURS 234, 257, 357
Program leader: Professor of Nursing and Department Chair Jeanne-Marie Havener, Ph.D.
Curricular requirement: Part of the nursing certification
Length of program: 27 days

Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

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- Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

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