Awareness Programs

Throughout the year Hartwick College offers programs specifically designed to inform members of the campus community about campus safety procedures and policies, personal safety, and crime prevention. Residence hall staff receives training during the month of August and continuing throughout the year concerning their duties and responsibilities. As part of this training, staff members must attend a series of workshops focusing on such issues as security in the residence halls, fire safety, sexual assault and rape, responsible drinking, crime reporting procedures, etc. The residence hall staff are required to do programming in their respective areas of responsibility on a wide range of issues and in particular on topics concerning sexual assault and the procedures involved in reporting a case of sexual assault. In addition to these programs, Hartwick's freshman orientation and first-year seminar programs include sessions on the occurrences of, and prevention of, sexual assault and rape. Included also is information concerning what to do if an individual becomes a victim of a sexual assault or other crime, whom to contact, and what resources are available to each student.

The Hartwick College Student Handbook is made available on-line. At the beginning of the year students are provided with a summary version of handbook information as well. This document presents information on everything from fire prevention, campus safety issues, judicial matters, sexual assault, and harassment to Hartwick's policies on drugs and alcohol.